I was the Minister of Justice. I am a lawyer But I am against law - international law in particular. Law in general.
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Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan
2011-03-21 19:32:39 UTC
Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan

IDF to track foreign anti-Israel groups

To be pro-Israel, would mean a demand
for death against every last Zionist
war criminal savaged by the region.
You know, these Satanic [God's words]
IDF grunters, that shoot children for
sport, and are called heroes by the
godless culture of thieves. Those that
are paid by American taxes to torture,
to steal in God's holy name pirated.
Again, nothing in the History of Humanity
so vile and evil, than a Zionist of
today that claims it's a Jew. A Jew
like Christ. They broke the truce
with Gaza to kill innocent children
alive with American white phosphorus.
Didn't claim like a Nazi grunt in NATO
to have done it by accident either. So
ungodly evil, the mind of a human can
barely comprehend. NOT JEWS. Not human,
spawns of unholy Satan. They STEAL
Peoples Homes on a routine basis as
a matter of fact, never made present
on the magic tvs of America teens for
example again. Their prisons are filled
with innocent Jews too, never given a
day in any court of Law, for a SATANIC
Livini FOR REAL claims,

Livni: I was the Minister of Justice. I am
a lawyer… But I am against law - international
law in particular. Law in general.


Because all Law finds her a rightly guilty mass
murdering Nazi war criminal who breaks truces
to kill off innocent Jews for money. Just like
Hitler. No wonder then why she hates GOD as
Jewish Law eh? Remember: First strike targets
in Lebanon were the Jews, then they went after
the Americans. Listen to "Nazi_Israel.mp3" for
the scoops not scooped. Why? Because Rightard
Americans too, hate the wise man, the good man,
the just man. Makes the males all into the true
Nazi Commie cowards they are, and the Womens in
need of real manliness in these here parts.

Example: AJ and most at FOX like Beck are
actual, for real, COMMIES! Not me twisting facts
like a Rightard does to cheat life, but for real,
actual COMMIES! AJ wants all Americans to pay
half their lives to private insurance companies,
but not for his Elite COMMIE Globalists like Ron
Paul. FEHBP.

How Is It?

How is it that all the Republican
Congressmen who should formally be executed
for torture by Reagan's War Crimes Act;
traitor to the troops Lindsey, never elected
McCain, and ungodly evil Zionist Lieberman,
all claim an interest to indiscriminately
slaughting Lybians with toxic waste, under
the pretext of 'defending' civilians? But not
for Yemen, Saudi Arabia, or America? The same
war criminals who get off on gang raping
un-defended American women? I really hate
these Bushite enemies of Christ who deserve
public trial for rightful death yesterday,
hijacking Humanity's interests to legitimately
defend US for freedom, to 'mean', supporting
"lawless" mecenaries of Satan they claim can
not be arrested for their guilty offenses by
any Laws, God or man made. ? I mean, come on!
Get real. Don't let these traitors make all
of everyone in America into a blind deciple
of the demon Antichrist enemy of Creation.
Bush and Cheney need to be arrested for
Obstruction on 9/11, for they stopped
our honorable cops from completing our
tasks at nabbing those guilty of pre-
mediated mass murder. of Americans.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by the
unelected illiterate war criminal George Walker
Bush - who claimed/s we don't need evidence to
form a guilty verdict. On the matters of Good
and Evil. And some people call ME crazy..

Do you care? Then forward this to all.
(using a proxy(s) on the internet though)
(I mean, come on - let's not be dumb)
(still physical things called mailboxes)
(highschool chicks love a good guy tricks)

[[truth is, I got into this figuring,
what would be the best way to meet
some ladies actually.. true story]]

Manfred Mann - Runner

NPR Explains How Muslims Are Deprived of Fundamental Rights in
Secretive Prison Units

Hamas calls for end to unity (evil is deceived)

Remember: Hamas is directly funded by Nazi
Israeli, and in addition, talk with thick
Nazi Israeli accents. Like the "Taliban"
similar. Example: Omar the Just stated
just after 9/11, 'your going to need
evidence to form an allegation, otherwise
the terrorists reponsible are for sure going
to escape from America'. We are being tv
conned for death here Peoples, all for the
final escape of Republican Bush and Cheney
on 9/11, with the EXTORTIONIST Zionist
Banksters. While the enemy grunters are
like Butch Granger, ex Army Airborne, who
will to rape rob and die bombing coward
America, left undefended as Zionist
Nazi from Evil in Orange County.

Ron Paul: Why Obama Is Wrong on Libya

Never unlawfully un-constituional CRIMINAL
with the enemy Rightards. When Ron Paul's
fellow Republican gang rapists rape more
American women, would you still not say as
an American Rightard media censor, 'that's
wrong where we once obeyed laws.' on prime
time? by not bringing up the fact that the
criminals are not doing what is asked of
ourselves being lawful? Gadaffi DID call a
cease-fire.. so, what the fuck man?

The Johnny America Show

Nominated for Best of the Internet 2011.
Thanks to all that participate in this.

Impeachment Speech and the 35 Articles in Full

What Is Missing - The Johnny Addendum

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.


/ / Deep Thought -- U.S. fires 110 tomahawk
missiles, each costs $569,000. That's more
than 5 years of NPR federal funding in less
than an hour. \ \ PLUS, you gotta pay the
pro rape dope pusher grunters millions or
billions on top of everything else per day.
Then of course, there are all the first
degree mass murders that cost many pretty
Pennys too. Remember: Gadaffi called a
cease fire as was asked for, to stop the
Nazi grunters from attacking. But they did
anyway for their hatred of our Humanity
seeking Peace. At the same time, they claim
mercenaries can not be arrested for any
crimes in this universe.. Do you buy the
Rightard Zionist Nazi con? Cowards are
dying American males to refuse to forward
this post to everyone.

Japan crisis: 'There’s no food, tell people there is no food’

All Peoples of Humanity must come now to
understand: The Bushite Nazi grunt steals
humanitarian aid from Afghanistan, to have
innocent Peoples starve to death. NATO's
Nazi Bushite grunter's only commitment here,
is to to war crime for raping and pillaging,
dope pushing, mass murdering Your Humanity
to escape Bush and Cheney for 9/11 and Peter
Power for 7/7. Fight back for Life to
demand open debates, or die the willing TV
victim of evil Republican TeaBag Celebs.
Peoples of Earth, go witness the Orange
County vid to then know, where these
extremely evil Nazi grunters giving to Satan
come from, that KNOWINGLY, will to murder
completely INNOCENT folks for stolen gains.
Still don't care for "them" American to
raise your phone for dying soldiers against
George Noory?, Glenn Beck?, Hannity? or


cable from the US embassy in Bogota confirms
that Washington was told the Colombian
army’s murder of civilians was "widespread,"
yet still Bushite approved 'America's aid'
to mass murder more helpless innocent
individuals to push more of their dope into
American teen veins for more life term
prison sentences as more slave labour as
more big money, for, who cares?

Bushite 'I don't care to forward this post
to save the life of innocent Americans.
Where's the money in that?'


Bushite forces around Kandahar are blowing
up or bulldozing houses, assassinating
sympathizers and using mass reprisals
against the civilian population.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

Why Real Christians Kill The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing
six of them and wounding one other. \ \

You kill the Bushite for Christ, you kill
the Bushite for God. You kill the Bushite
for Afghanistan, you kill the Bushite for

One of The Darkest Evils the World has ever Known.

/ / Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
Wasn't it Israel that sent 50,000 African
mercenaries into Libya? So... aren’t the
NATO coalition now bombing, strafing and
tomahawking Israel’s mercenaries? \ \

Why? Because the Nation of the demon
Antichrist, has deemed them "LAWLESS"
minions of Satan. They can rape and mass
murder all the lybians and American women
they want for Congress, and no concern for
our welfare will be expressed by anything on
the magic TV. Gaddafi is a stupid man.
Evil is dumb, ergo, Rightard Congress People
figure, the Peoples here will not demand
evidence to form our conclusions as per
usual... Russia provably said Obama and
Hitlerly were lying, and Gaddaffi DID call a
cease fire.. then, ahh fuk.. we need our
own, Coast to Coast radio program, hosted by
ourselves for free censor free debates, with
real Patriots of the cause against godless
lawlessness. Bigots like Alex Jones doesn't
have the mind for such matters, and George
Noory is into killing children, so would
rather blame.. Here, get the idea..

War On The Poor: Minnesota Republicans

/ / They're not just crazy, they're evil
-- and un-Christian, should they have the
audacity to claim otherwise. If only we
could force them to live like this, they
wouldn't last a week: \ \ Now your waking


/ / The head of the IAEA only last month
warned that [Nazi Israeli's] Stuxnet posed
a threat to all nuclear power stations
around the world! And Fukushima uses the
Seimens controllers Stuxnet was designed
to interfere with! \ \

Remember: these Zionists that break truces
to kill Jews and small Christian school
children, on purpose, then publicly
celebrate such henious evil, are called
Satanic by God in all our Holy books.
Not Jews. Not Human. The ugliest evil
that has ever existed. Again, they broke
the truce to kill little kids - on purpose.
Did you know: they STEAL Peoples homes on
a routine basis? Did you know: Nazi Israeli
prisons are filled with innocent Jews too?

Radioactive Isotope Detected in California

Plutonium micro dust as light as the wind
blows, is harmless too? Well that's good to
know, but not true though.. oh well... the next
BP oil spill is good for you too then American..
'eat up' like says the dying bushite Nazi
grunter, as typical unholy false accusing
ingrate losers in TeaBag Evil.

Huge NEW spill near Deepwater Horizon, at
MC243 — Death Slick is 100 miles long


Rand Paul is going to go out and blame
America's elderly, and those that work
for a living as the culprits. While Alex
Jones will tell, you can't question anything
he concludes about just how right it is to
not own your oil or coal, cause then therefor,
your wrong always to question why you pay BP,
a British company at all for your own
rights to life and liberty. And no, this
ain't no comedy. And the reason the TeaBag
ain't laughing, is cause this sentence
structure is far too complex to understand
in context. Thus is why we need the Peoples Own,
Coast to Coast radio hosts, to champion Justice
for our Worlds. We gotta get this, global world
wide media empire up and running faster..

We with the Cops need to go after every
last Bushite grunter breathing with those
30 gang rapist Republicans. Let's do America


/ / charlie sheen's a dickhead, who thinks the sun
shines out of his asshole, here's the news
charlie, your just an asshole. I'd meet you
anytime anywhere and kick your ass and not
even break a sweat about it. If you ever come
to whitefish again, and i see you in the
palace bar, or anywhere else there, its on.
from the bottom of my heart, I hope you choke
on your false pride...

'Butch Granger ex Army Airborne, 101st. Viet Nam 71-72 \ \

It's too bad so few Patriots exist to end
this Bush bitch traitor's foul smell, who wars
for the Bushite Nazis - remember: Butch Granger
the cocksucker wars God and Johnny to escape the
banksters and Cheney - a traitor who prides
in warring with the REAL Nazis, for HoCheeMin
with Russia ACTUALLY defeated the Bush family's
Nazi regime - and all the Vietnamese wanted,
was fair free elections away from being a colony
of France - but Butch Granger ex Army Airborne
doesn't like real men speaking truths fighting
for a free world, free his nazi threats against
innocent American women being gang raped too, or
American teens getting herion addictions to destroy
their lives for slave labour prison camps 'policed'
by a Butch Granger, ex Army Airborne. Just where is
palace bar of whitefish again? Better yet, why
doesn't this little Bush bitch antigay faggot
sign a contract with me in a fight to the death
broadcasted on the new media empire run by
ourselves. Tickets will be pricey, but I just
love knocking the heads off of UFC bushite
grunters for America, as the TRUE Patriot
warrior of God I am. Butch Granger ex Army
Airborne will be no match, but again, we all
love to see the Bushite grunter go silent.
Why? Only soldiers that deserve to die war
innocent Americans to escape Bush and
Cheney for 9/11.

Charlie!, come visit Winnipeg! Maybe let me
do, a Johnny Gossip exclusive interview too!!
Or not. Either way, good show.

Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama

Look at America. Why does Charlie have to
be the best human specimen of the entire
nation? He is good, but, man, where the
hell is everyone else, minus the Rightard?

free speech for free elections for a free world

Gaddafi could state, that he gives all free
speech for free elections for a free world
immediately. All he might need is 51%! A world
that will not be robbed by 'lawless' Bushite
Nazi grunts who will as blindly for evil, to
rape, steal or mass murder all the Great Peoples
of anywhere, as traitors to America too most
importantly, warring our innocent selves for
the final escape of Republicans Bush and
Cheney. Do you doubt?

Afghan Civilian Killer Obama Warns Gaddafi Not To Harm Civilians

This is the sickest shit. While America's
Bushite nazi grunters slaughter millions
of defenseless innocent Peoples, torturing
Americans, stealing everyone's pensions,
they state now they must police lybia by
covering the country in radio-active toxic
waste. The silence of 300 million Americans
still, enrages me, for the simple fact, they
refuse to forward this post. What benefit
of Creation would it be, that Rightard evil
America headed by the demon Antichrist fell
themselves instead for their contempt for
all Human life and God? If they remain silent
on warring to free Manning, while with the
Alex Jones cult of bigotry, blame the poor
and elderly, non-rightard liberals, greens,
gays, mexicans, yuppies, and so on for ten
pages, and not pro-child killer traitor
George Noory the Rightard censor, they'll
serve no one to die victims too to their
personal contempt for the greatest of which
Humanity cherishes.

Afghan president rejects US apology over killings

/ / nine Afghan boys [under 12] were
gunned down by two attack helicopters \ \

This is why the American Patriot takes
great pleasure as a true love for Christ
in God, to kill the Bushite without a
second thought to save it's next innocent
victim., that could be anyone. The grunt
takes an Oath to defend, that it, as like
a TeaBag "Constitutionalist" holds in
total contempt, while mass murdering only
those they know to be completely innocent
to escape Bush and Cheney for Obstruction
on 9/11. As heroin pushing enemies of the
Republic, the Bushite Nazi grunters
deserve to die, to defend their next
innocent victims. They do not support
Justice for themselves even, while knowing
the Pentagon has tortured thousands of
American GIs to sign over their savings
to Rumsfeld, (notice no complaints from
the brain dead zombie mutes either) and
I'm like the only real man as True American
here to complain about it this directly.
What does that tell You?

80 people reportedly killed in U.S. drone strike in Pakistan

You kill a bushite to be godly.
Any American who excuses their son or
daughter as indiscriminate mass murderers,
who war God and America for the escape
of Bush and Cheney do not deserve to

Afghan chief of terror is on US payroll

/ / violence involving burglary, rape
and murder of civilians, desecration of
mosques and mutilation of corpses. \ \

For every Bushite kill, will be a blessing
to God and Creation. A bushite, as Rightards,
hate freedom for Humanity, where wise men
and women are respected for enlightenment.
A bushite liar, like Republicans, refuse US
to allow free debate with the facts, because
it knows, it is a liar, a cheat, and a thief.

Men: Let's Save Manning

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

/ / Manning was ordered "to round up and
hand over Iraqi civilians to America’s new
Iraqi allies, who he could see were then
torturing them with electrical drills and
other implements." Manning questioned the
orders he was being given to help round up
Iraqis and brought his concerns to the chain
of command. He pointed to a specific
instance where 15 detainees were arrested
and tortured for printing "anti-Iraqi
literature" he found that the paper in
question was merely a scholarly critique of
corruption in the government asking "Where
did the money go?" \ \ know what what still
is called enemy al-qeada

Death to the Worst of War Criminals

Let every last American man, war the
Rightards to free innocent Manning.
Republicans who war Manning with lies to
torture more innocent folks deserve to die
today, according to Ronald Reagan in the war
crimes act. We with the Cops need to go
after every last Bushite grunter breathing
with those 30 gang rapist Republicans.
Let's do America proud, and put the
rightard enemy nazi grunt into a shallow
grave, instead of more innocent American
Peoples. Look, Congresmen have no words
to say in defense of the Republican
tyrannies against The People of Saudi
Arabia - where their "Royal" family,
is the worst of the Satanic. Yemen
Peoples are gunned down by American
tax payers, and the Rightard feels
what? for our misfortunes in ungodly
tyranny? They are torturing innocent
Americans openly now, and the Rightard's
only commitment like Rand Paul, is to
attack America's elderly and poor, or
as CRIMINAL Walker in Wisconsin, good
workers everywhere. You'd better wake
up sooner than later my silent friends,
sooner than later. 9/11's Bush and Cheney
have to be tried and executed the war
crime enemies of war torn America they

Get Real, God Is

American soldiers are being conned to die
warring God and Humanity for the escape
of Bush and Cheney.

The King Rules

Free open debates is all we are after here
to secure our Liberties.

We will not stop until we see Justice done
for US. God, and everyone else.

America's Saudi Arabia Sends Troops To
Put Down Bahrain Democracy Protests

Let's start talking about impeaching Obama
here. Why would Americans silently support
tyranny for others to profit 'them'selves?
Because they are ungodly evil Nazis that's
why? And our America wouldn't publicly
support such criminality in the light of
God's day, if free speech with the facts
were alotted a fair space for honest

The Satanic demon enemies of
Creation in Saudi Arabia, are
insisting that Humanity does
not have a right to be treated
fairly. Why? Because the
Rightard Republicans and
Demonrats say so with American
taxes too for there.. do you think
the Rightard don't feel the same
for those who live in America
going under also? Jut how dumb
are Americans to remain silent
against enemy to all Peter King?
Or George Noory, the pro child
killer still laughing it up with
his windfalls for conning us 'all'
like that?


Where's the Evidence?

/ / Rebecca Davis, wife of freed CIA agent
Raymond Davis, maintained her husband was
innocent and was 'no Rambo' \ \ No, Rambo
would rightly kill every last Bushite nazi
grunter single handedly, and be rightly
called a Hero of America for it in our
books too.

Her godless 'lawless' husband works for
Blackwater, and is into torturing women
and children to death for false
confessions from the loving fathers,
pushing cocaine and heroin onto America
street kids, while mass murdering
defenseless innocent human beings on the
brink of starvation from our skies. See
how this evil enemy bastard gets all the
Zionist media to preach US, what a
awesome "man" he is as Satanic enemy of
God to not speak a word to defend
America from Bush and Cheney, from Tim
Spicer or Cofer Black. Why? For the
stolen money as armed robber. A private
Zionist mercenary would kill millions of
innocent Americans, if it means they'd
profit escaping their rightful death
sentences as for sure war criminal.


/ / stash of video tapes showing famous
people—from actors to politicians, both Egyptians
and from other countries—having sex. The videos
were recorded by the secret police \ \


The Duke's buddy's manager, allegedly had
evidence of Clinton engaged in sex with minors,
but, someone calling themselves the FBI stole the
evidence for themselves. The case is shocking.
(blackmail?) What the manager(s) would do, is get
child models from Israel with parents that were
pure evil Zionist filth, and told them, if they
sent their children to do "massages" for his
clients that day, they would be rewarded
financially by a billionaire! 14 year olds.
(billionaire hedge fund broker that never truly
earned a penny stealing everyone's pensions)
Then, when the child was flown to his home, the
child would be asked to get naked for the big
bucks, starting with removing a shirt, and so
on... then when after the child was raped, who
knows how many times, the billionaire would give
the child 1000 dollars. Yes, one thousand
dollars, professional teen models, and in the one
case that caused the whole house of cards to
fall, the actual Billionaire didn't even pay the
child who did go through with the rapes, but it's
assumed, the performance was not up to par.
Likely cried too much. Zionists and crime, it's
should be thought a crime. Instead, the partner
of the FBI guy who stole the evidence, arrested
the man who stated some children weren't being
payed at all, and put HIM! into prison for
alledgely (by the perp) asking for money himself
from a LAWYER to get justice on this matter,
while letting the Zionist billionaire near walk
completely, (friend of the Duke after all) with
easily hundreds of child victims in his wake with
Zionist parents that naturally, weren't upset
about the rapes, but about the absent thousand.
So they've being suing!!!! I AM NOT SHITTING
HERE!! Not to have justice wrought, but so they
can get the money plus interest they claim he
owes them. Not for the child mind you, but the
ungodly Zionist 'parents' who get off on mass
murdering Christian, Muslim, and JEWISH kids for
Satan. Zionists and evil, God, what are we going
to do eh? But like Bush and Cheney, with
Rumsfeld the Republican pro-child rapist
http://www.republicansexoffenders.com/ not being
formally tried and executed by Americans, people
just don't really have the time to care anymore
for much of anyone dead already.. child or
otherwise Example: Did you see the pictures of
identifiable Bushite grunts torturing American
children to death yourself yet? Crimes so
horrendous it is thought, that if the public saw,
Bushite friends of Rumsfeld would fall so fast,
that many innocent people might get caught in the
cross fire..

Ron Paul: Libya Airstrikes Unconstitutional

Yeah but, Bush and Cheney are free to go
with full pensions, while innocent women
and children are tortured to death
still, by those who war America and
Manning for the peenacker glories of
enslavement of our species for Satanic
Israeli.. no prob. What about Obama
supporting the gunning down of
pro-Democracy protestors in Iraq,
Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and so on?
Shouldn't that warrant a Republican war
criminal, a rightful death sentence
under standing American CONSTITUTIONAL
War Crimes Law? Or a fine of five
dollars from their Public public health
care plan, that Ron Paul and AJ WAR
America as DEMONS with lies to deny?

What about 9/11 eh? Ron
Paul is a traitor.


Ann Coulter: Radiation is ‘good for you’

Okay, we are made of cells containing
DNA. The frequencies of danderous
radiation, break, or mutate the binds
that hold life together. Now, extremely
wise Nature has ways of repairing
mutations, but Americans hate a wise
man, or woman, like me, speaking for
Justice as fair play. Plus, I am very
poor, and have not money to pay for an
open line radio program to teach
something freely the American Rightard
illiterate TeaBag, pro first degree mass
murderers would only despise, as known
then so, for who or what they truly are
as dying. They'd rather YOU go without
than be shown the stupid they truly are,
in the light of this wicked

We is free souls here, born of great wisdoms
of why speaking freely for freedom is fab.

/ / torture and sexual brutalization are
regular practice and called Camp Justice \ \

Americans, know who your enemy is. Ungodly
evil tyranny for the benefits of who again?


/ / And has Paul drawn up an impeachment
hearing request for Barry? Just words…
illegal means nothing if it isn’t backed
up with some action. [..] tear it down
and start over. \ \ anything to escape
Bush and Cheney right rightards?

He never said "illegal" warranting death
for first degree mass murder. Ron Paul,
is a seriously evil con. Look, he has
repeatedly stated, he has no care for
defenseless innocent Human beings being
indiscriminately slaughtered. He loves
the Antichrist so much, he wills openly
to have it walk freely American streets.
He is far more evil that near anyone
else in Congress. Look, the banksters
have stole trillions, and he wants to be
silent against his Satanic son with AJ
attacking the poorest of America's poor.
Look, he LIVES at home with, widely
known as ENEMY to all, Rand Paul. For
those who didn't know they are related..
Have you ever heard demon AJ rot on
public health care in America? Or,
pontificate all on how everything as
"Mexico" thinks as himself in his ugly
naked bigotry? blahblahblah

Libya: UN Security Council Approves No-Fly Zone

Remember: to the Bushite Nazi Enemy grunter,
this usually means it will bomb shopping
centers, elementary schools and hospitals,
and apartment complexes. WHY? No evidence
is being required to form their DEMON
conclusions so far. Why would a pro-Gaddifi
soldier, randomly gun down many lybian women
and children for CNN? Only the Satanic Zionist
Mercenary sent in by Israeli Nazis deemed
"LAWLESS" by the demon ANTICHRIST nation
labeled "America", commits those kinds of
ungodly war crimes for profit from American
blood soaked wallets. If the Bushite go to
not war for freedom again, will you ever
fight back for Justice as fair say in
America today? Good question. I'm thinking..

The reason we built all this technology was to live better. Let's send
every ship necessary to rescue everyone.

- John Brittingham, Mendocino,California,

All hope is not lost in America.

YouTube Shut Down In Japan By US Military

HEY! That would be war. Why is America
warring Japan? Understand, the Nazi Zionist
is the enemy of every last human being on
this planet. They torture Peoples for fun
and profit. Enough said.

Afghan Air War Doubles: Now 10 Attacks Per Day

Bush and Cheney officially halted American Police
Investigations designed since the dawn of Man to
capture the actual bad guys. Narco NATO war
Humanity to rape children, to abuse women, to
push heroin, to all steal all resources.. And
I'll tell you, I, as a real Son to God, we is
not at all happy about it.

They deny us as the enemy real resolution for
hard copy indictments against actual terrorism.
The facts forge our freedoms. bushite are liars
who cheat ourselves a free world by bombing
defenseless innocent Peoples, who torture, who
rape, who steal. And that's a fact Mac. Let US
bring America back to where the People's rights
are defended, and nazi war criminals bare our
vengeance instead of ourselves left forsaken.
Or, do you just want to silently fall down as
innocent victim to third world military
dictatorship, fallen due your refusal to defend
yourself now, today. Justice is freedom, we're
arresting for public trial the criminals
responsible for 911. We are America, and we are
no greater than any other to proclaim, this is
our right, this is our destiny.

“uncompassionate by nature” is not Johnny the
Jew, but the ungodly Satanic enemies of God and
man who lie cheat and steal for more American


/ / “The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder
applies only “to a Jew who kills a Jew,” write
Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur of the
West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. Non-Jews are
“uncompassionate by nature” and attacks on them
“curb their evil inclination,” while babies and
children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since
“it is clear that they will grow to harm us.” \ \
..as lovers of Justice and God believers, like the
true Jews of those mass murdered in Lebanon being
the first strike targets by Nazi Israeli.

We Will Vote Thursday Troops Out Of Afghanistan

Yeah yeah, In twenty years or so, whenever
the Zionist war crimes have killed off
millions more helpless innocent individuals
Republicans have no concern for, and the
banksters have stolen every last drop of
blood they can draw from America left still
undefended by the Rightard ENEMY. I hate
Rightards. They need now to be Publically
prosecuted fairly for their war crimes,
then with conviction, hang from a noose,
side by side with Bush and Cheney and
FOXSNEWS, properly tried by all true
Patriots world wide. I don't buy their
cons any further. Republicans like AJ know
these wars are blatantly criminal, but they
deny the truths to be spoken. To escape
Bush and Cheney, and war crime torturers,
they advance attacks against instead,
America's made poorer and elderly.

We Will Vote Thursday Troops Out Of Afghanistan

It is a war crime that rightly warrants
death. As NEW! Coast to Coast radio host,
I will prove this easy with open line
calls. Then all men in America will be
asked to do their job, be it the father,
the mother, the son or the daughter, to
have ending the Bushite evil enemy liars to
save ourselves from further tyranny. Death
to the Bushite, death to the enemies of God
and Man.

/ / a day after CIA operative Raymond
Davis had been set free by a court in
Lahore, US drones fired missiles when
a jirga was in progress in Nevi Adda
Shega area of North Waziristan, killing
40 people, including tribal elders. \ \

It is a war crime that rightly warrants death.

See what Blackwater does?

'Pakistan demands US apology for drone strike'
it was no accident, but pre-meditated mass
murder. We must all together, insure that
every last 'lawless' bushite nazi grunter
of Satan, i.e. NATO's Blackwater, is put
rightly into the grave for their war crimes
against God and Humanity to escape Bush and

Newt Gingrich channeled $350,000 To Anti-Gay Hate Groups

Like the Alex Jones Cult, anything to divide
the innocent American masses against themselves,
so they can't together demand a return of
fair Justice for our better stays.

Harry Reid: Leave Social Security Alone - It's Solvent For at Least 30

Yeah but, Rand Paul needs to, so he'll
anyway with CNN continue with AJ to go
after the near helpless elderly of America
as ungodly evils. Remember AJ Cult
members, you're not allowed to even think
such realities, cause then therefor, your
auto discredited for everything you've ever
been. Mindless irrational Cults, geared to
escape Bush and Cheney, by pirating the
title [no justice for You] Patriots. what
are we going to do?

Rep. Marcy Kaptur:
When Are We Going to Ask Wall Street to Pay Taxes?

"We" can't because the Rightards steal
near all our radio and TV broadcasts to
have fair debates on anything. George Norry
the pro-child killer should be the target of
every last dying to speak American out here.


/ / Ron Paul has announced that the first
Monetary Policy subcommittee meeting will
focus on one of those two now forgotten Fed
mandates, that of creating jobs. \ \

What about all the criminal fraud in the
trillions you COMMIE Rightard parasite?
AIG was bailed to pay Goldman. The Bank
of Scottland threatened arrest of Goldman
if they didn't get back what they were
defrauded, and Goldman payed them back to
avoid a hanging. Americans too, must demand
their TRILLIONS back, but Ron Paul is a
con like Alex Jones, all to escape the for
real bad guys, while blaming the poor and
weak being ILLEGALLY left for closed.

a staggering $5 billion cut to Texas schools

"It's a catastrophe. No financial aid for kids
to go to college. No pre-kindergarten for kids
to learn their numbers and their letters. Health
and human services slashed," said Rep. Pete
Gallego, D-Alpine. "No Texan can be proud of this."

AJ, Rand Paul, and other Rightards of the
NWO Globalist Commie Elites, can't compete
fairly on a open playing field for Just
cause, where the facts are here for all to
witness of them escaping the worst of
criminals in Your name. So, as a Nazi,
they promote with censorship the, 'must do'
indiscriminate attack against America's
cheated elderly, the cheated poor, school
kids and everyone else as Pensioners or
Palestinian, before we are ever allowed to
freely demand Justice as our defense
willingly authored. This should be what
soldiers war in death for, to speak the
facts in open international debates, on how
all we will to not be further undone in
ungodly stupid tyranny.


Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."


CBO: Health-care reform bill cuts deficit by $1.2 trillion
Rightards "How will we pay for a 1.2 trillion dollar health care

Your paying a private insurance company, when
in truth, you need not pay them a pretty Penny.


America's Bahrain police killing people
by drive by shootings - AJ English


US nuclear agency: Japan crisis no US health threat

Look, we know clearly, the Rightard doesn't
have the mind to deal with public responsibility.
Why? Too complex. So, they champion bigotry
instead, or antigay faggotry, or pirate the
holy word, to falsely justify their contempt
for freedom Universal. They know they can't
compete on equal footings for you or me. So
they censor. While attacking the innocent of
America to look tough like the honorable men
or women they can't be. As is why, George
Noory, Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh refuses
to allow any real Patriots to freely speak
for liberation. Cost too much for them -
but for You? Who cares! they have lots of
money already.. and isn't that what it's
all about to measure success or failure,
winning or losing in corporate 'who cares
for them' TV America? What's a real man's
word worth in America, if he needs to beg
for an audience? I should have been treated
as a King among equals in these here parts
that involve yourself sacrificing along time
ago already. But apparently, you still lack
the self respect we deserve.. I'm just sayin'
We need Leadership right about now..
Where's Obama?

US military using psychological warfare on Americans

The crime of treason if you didn't know
American coward. They are warring God and
Humanity to escape Bush and Cheney on 9/11.
It is the real American Patriot that is
going to be called on to do what is right,
and defend Innocent American life from the
'lawless' Bushite Nazi Grunter. Don't wait
for KBR to rape your wife, just know,
they've already raped your neighbors, and
the 30 Republicans like John Cornyn claim,
they can not be arrested by any laws, God or
Man made. We say, that is incorrect demon
fucks. We will all See the Bushite die,
before their hatred extends to the true
family man. And I don't care how much they
pay me with their ill gotten gains to walk
free to victimize someone else for it. Ray
Davis bribed a peace officer, and the victim
families, and for that, he should be
formally executed the war criminal he is.
They STILL get their money, plus a whole lot
more in punitive damages - starting in the
billions.. An American life might be worth
no more than 300 dollars according to the
enemy Marines, but Pakistanis? We can't
even measure their worths! So, every last
cent needs to be extracted from the three
heads of the Beast: Tim Spicer, Cofer
Black, and that other guy.. while they are
being prosecuted the very worst of war
criminals ever known. Understand: they
have no interest whatsoever, in serving the
Interests of America being plundered.
Where's the evidence? WE KNOW they admit to
killing black kids in Nigeria to steal their
resources for Tim Spicer (democracynow.org).
WE KNOW, they torture men, women, and young
children to death as Bushite liars (KSM's
kids for one example) to escape those truly
guilty of 9/11. What more needs to be said?

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

'Al Qaeda's Magazine for Women,
Mixes Beauty and Bomb Tips' on not
killing Bush and Cheney for 9/11,
or targeting Bushite grunters
specifically as the Zionist
minions of Satan.

The hundreds of billions stole from America
by torturer Cofer Black has to be spent on
something. If America demanded his rightful
death sentence years ago, we wouldn't be
seeing such American tax money put further
to waste.

[BLACKWATER] CIA Operative Released

And all of every Muslim, Christian, and Jew
were all so looking forward to seeing him
beheaded, golly shucks.

It is therefor left up to ever last American
man to kill him on sight, as an escaping
'lawless' bushite grunting first degree mass
murderer. This war criminal supports the
indiscriminate bombing of Pakistan, to aid
in the final escape of Bush and Cheney on
9/11. DBD. And besides, why would any real
Pakistan government allow a blackwater,
caci, or aegis merc into the country at all,
before being immediately shot the ungodly
evil enemy to Life it is? They mass murder
Pakistani indiscriminately if anyone here is
paying attention. I want whoever in
Pakistan was responsible for releasing the
suspect, to be quickly tried and executed
for high treason. They are reporting he
paid a bribe to escape. This should warrant
death from Pakistan, to whoever cut this war
criminal "free".

Obama's US Drones Continue to Kill Aimlessly
Officials Don't Know Identities of Any of Slain


Kill the Bushite for Christ. It is a demon
enemy of Life to not demand death sentences
against Blackwater for these continuing
"CIA" strikes. Cofer Black calls himself
the CIA when pushing the button to mass
murder more helpless on the brink of
starvations. Kill the Bushite for America,
for it surely deserves to die before anyone
else it targets as the completely innocent.

5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography!


What kind of lawless world
is that, where they are so
sure, no real Cops can gain
access to defend ourselves?

Until now.

It's called criminal in
a free to be we society.

We. The Freedom to Believe that Justice is Ours.


Bush "International law? I better call my lawyer."

Soldiers Kill for Thrills in Afghanistan

No. Instead we need to send in every last
honorable soldier in to take these Nazi savages
out for public trial on their treasons. There is
nothing better for all, than to see those who war
America for the escape of Bush and Cheney lose.
And win we will. Justice for all. John exists.

"and all six have 40 years of spent fuel rods in those reactor

THIS IS FUCKED. Why would anyone in
the nuclear industry, even remotely
suggest, storing such poison ON SITE,
like on the roof! of the reactor!!, could
be better than anywhere else on Earth.
FUCKMAN. We are ruled by enemy Rightards,
who refuse a man, a real man like me to
speak freely. Do something about it.

/ / three youth protesters were taken to
the Eight Brigade's Baghdad headquarters
where they were all four tortured with
wooden sticks and electrical wires. \ \

This is why Johnny the Man demands Americans
Publically demand death against every last
Bushite war criminal breathing. Again, they
war God and Humanity to torture all, to
enslave our species, not to free with
Justice as fair say. Notice, while these
Bushite nazi grunters gang rape and torture
innocent Peoples, the minimal American
Rightard pressers calls them Iraqis, or
something else other than the FOXSNEWS fan
enemy of Liberty, the do nothing cowardly
Libertarian and 'free market for stealing'
Conservative, the Republican scum attacking
all American workers presently, warring for
lawlessness (Walker in Winconsin is a
criminal), while the TV sells, we are all
the outsiders to demand equal
representation. Death to the godless
Bushite enemy forces who mindlessly chant,
'whore yeh whore yeh'. George Walker Bush
with Cheney must be Publically arrested
immediately for the high treason of 9/11.

'America's Bahrain police destroying property
to make out it was done by protesters'

Again, the Republican enemy of everybody
just loves this stuff.

"Israel fears sushi shortage after quake"

No no, this is for real. God calls them
Rightly Satanic. Did you know they STEAL
Peoples homes on a routine basis for

Can We Be This Stupid?

Japanese government was ‘warned that
nuclear plants could not withstand quake’

Fukushima nuclear plant owner falsified inspection records

/ / This means the Fukushima Daiichi plant
may contain over 600,000 spent fuel rods. \ \

This is beginning to look like an attempt
by GE to end Humanity through claimed
negligence - anything to escape the demon
Antichrist enemy of all Creation, Mr.
George Walker Bush, the false accuser.

Those Bastards at GE

/ / the EPA requires you to evacuate children
and everyone else from a room where you break
one of these light bulbs, then open windows
to ventilate the room for 15 minutes, and
leave the room yourself. You see these
wonderful new bulbs contain the very
poisonous element mercury. \ \ and
you all should now know what Johnny
thinks about this. Fight back! Happy
George Noory, Hannity, Limbaugh and
so on, doesn't want Justice for
America on anything, only wants
doubts to create an escape scenario
for their 'wealthy' selves, riding with
the bankster trillioniares. While America
goes further robbed and left for deader.
Fight back for Christ sake God damn you.

No, instead, they allow drop outs of
TSA to fondle their gonades, sticking
their fingers up each others assholes.
When I see these videos, I KNOW, there
is no true manhood in America, as taking
this with their pants down, bent forward,
screeching, "eeek" so Mr. Bush can fuck
them right up the ass again. There is no
way in the worsts of hell I would take
that lying down, or standing up. And if you
threatened my womens or child, there would
be no peace, until Justice was meted. But
that's Facist Nazi Zionist cowards for
you, who to make it all up to themselves,
will advance attacks against the Unions,
the middle class, poor people, and the
elderly.. Innocent folks, good folks, my
folks. Guilty of nothing, suspected of
nothing. Know these actions are those of
ungodly tyranny. This just wont do.

No Evidence, Person Innocent. Who's In?

[but later it was confimed that he had.. hmmm]
/ / President Bush was expected to sign detailed
plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida two
days before Sept. 11 but did not have the chance
before the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington, U.S. and foreign sources told NBC
News. \ \ What would have been the Justification
used then without 911? A lawless war against
'terrorism' world wide without end? Did you know
a spy had inflitrated the FBI and actually was
responsible for providing the explosives that
near brought the WTC down the first go around?
This is a critical communications issue that is
still costing innocent American lives because the
nation is a land of cowards who refuse to demand
the likes of a George Noory and FOX Snooze fans
to take US seriously in these demands for willing
just causes. Millions mass murdered, pensions
stolen, bailed out to the tune of trillions,
banksters foreclosing on everything by refusing
all new loans, WAKE UP, while BP countinues as
criminally negligent un-hampered with Obama still
stating, "nothing will be gained by laying blame
for the past.", With bonuses of billions besides
not paying our continuing costs. Very expensive
this passive, Americans, 'I don't care' for You
dying attitude. Peoples are STILL being poisoned
by deadly COREXIT, and CNN, CBC, and George Noory
don't think it's worth demanding an account here
to save our falling loves. Banksters do not
cover our loans, Zionist Neocon Nazis must not
succeed against our species. Fight back for
Christ sake God damn you. For we're not going
anywhere until we get this solved for the
betterments of everyone. I wish to host Coast to
Coast in a five hour special on why Justice is
Freedom. No evidence, person innocent. Who's

/ / plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida \ \

This is a lie by Jim Miklaszewski. MSNBC was
told that the plan was fully implemented, as was
fully comfirmed by his Pentagon sources.

Cheney's Daboul Working Group explains much.

Stuxnet Worm Used Against Iran Was Tested in Israel - NYTimes.com

/ / More possible that operating computers
got infected bt STUXNET. This virus was
originaly created by Israel for Iran nuclear
plant, but if you create monster you never
know where it ends \ \ They would certainly
as Satanic enemies of true Jews everywhere.
We know they only glee to see innocent Human
beings suffer unjustly. Did you hear the
lastest? After war criminal Netanyahu
stated it would be good for him to attack as
they did, innocent Christian families in
Palestine, all because a grubbing Zionist
was killed for not paying his slave labour,
we found out the guy who did the attack was
freedom fighting from Asia! They are
importing their slave workers now I guess
from China if you didn't know.. We can near
be certain, they'll be cutting a deal soon
with war crime Obama, to take all those
American teens serving maybe life for pot
possession, or shoplifting to come work and
die for the Zionists at Home there.. very
plausible. Why? Americans are just evil.
They refuse to call George Noory except to
endlessly thank him for not allowing real
Patriots to speak factually for Justice in
our days. The Bushite are torturing Manning.
No, George Norry supports indiscriminately
slaughtering innocent Humanity, and has said
so many times. With even Alex present!!! So
we know, he ain't going to allow US to freely
communicate, unless we blindly support the
escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11 as
starters. And the Neocons for Iraq, with
Peter Power on 7/7. And frankly, that just
wont do. [and the rules you must fall with
in AJ go on so far, I'd bet, everyone has
lost count already: the Pauls, McCain,
Palin, Beck, Russia, or being "Globalist" is
a crime in AJ's tyranny, of those that will
to escape themselves from our laws being the
for real bad guys that did US wrong - THE
REAL CRIMINALS' and on and on with every
subject he has falsely claimed to be the
end all, be all of, without questioning
his nonsenses]

resign for condemning abuse of Manning

/ / So, in Barack Obama's administration,
it's perfectly acceptable to abuse an
American citizen in detention who has been
convicted of nothing by consigning him to
23-hour-a-day solitary confinement, barring
him from exercising in his cell, punitively
imposing "suicide watch" restrictions on him
against the recommendations of brig
psychiatrists, and subjecting him to
prolonged, forced nudity designed to
humiliate and degrade. But speaking out
against that abuse is a firing offense.
Good to know. \ \ and that ain't even the
half of it. IMPEACH!

Again, those that are torturing him, torture
innocent women and children with power tools
to death for Satanic pleasures, in league
with the demon Antichrist false accuser. I
want every last "American" who supports
torturing innocent people to escape those
that truly do US wrong, formally tried by
HUMANITY, and executed RIGHTLY for their war
crime high treasons. I don't care that they
learned to be so un-American by evil FOXNEWS
- it isn't an excuse that would stand before
the true Constitutionalist, or the Son of

/ / But superior officers decided
to ignore the advice because the
unit was short of intelligence
analysts and needed Manning's skills,
two military officials familiar with
the investigation told McClatchy
Newspapers. \ \ This requires a real
police investigation with our guns
loaded. Why? We KNOW, Manning is
guilty of nothing, but being upset
over these two NAZI grunts torturing
innocent women and children to death
for Satan.

Justice is Victory in Freedom for Everyone

Americans are gutless cowards who will
out Your Humanity to die as they do for
ungodly war crime evil censorship.

9/11 Joe Lieberman – WTC 7 Did Not Occur
I Do Not Support A Criminal Investigation

Evil is the Deceived Disguised

See? That's why the Israeli Zionist Nazi is
called Satanic by GOD, and all those who
are truly religious in the Christian,
Jewish, and Muslim brotherhoods.

The Bushite claim as our enemy that the
truth hurts their cause of robbing Humanity.

A New World Order

Ask NWO GLobalist AJ, 'what is the Crime of the
Taliban to ask for evidence to form any
conclusion'? Him and the Pakistan General made
no argument there, nor neither on Bush's
complicity as prime false accuser - who then
stopped police investigations from occurring as
following probable cause to nab the actual bad
guys. How is that possible that AJ remains quiet
here in a free to speak world of liberty truly
seeking? HOW!?! Rightards are plain evil for
who knows what all to not do so, pretending we
can't hear them being deviant. The word
“Extortion” for example, ask yourself, honestly,
why can not a Rightard say that 'trillions dollar
stolen by threat of harm' Justice word… why?
Because it’s true? Now they have no excuses to
be lame attacking the lame for furthering
misfortune to escape the ‘no money down’ Zionist
ungodly Banksters. And believe it Conservative
Rightard bigots, this truth is a good thing for
all without argument.

No evidence against the accused is US being truly abused.

For no reason did the bushite enemy attack the
innocent Peoples of Iraq, with bombs and torture
to but for the pleasure of escaping those who
will to do America wrong further. The Rightard.
Again I will open talks. I want the debate to
showcase our incredible skills from everywhere at
winning the claim we rightly deserve, self
respect. All because we champion true Freedom to
get Justice won. That way, the Rightard can't
destroy Social Security with their lies escaping
the real bad guys, or attack just about anyone
innocent but those guilty of treason with free
communications ruling for our benefits. Now, who
wants what? Where a coward can hide there too,
pretending it's a man to remain silent on Bush
and Obama’s final escape from universal
Liberation? Did you know; Nazi Israeli steal
innocent Christian homes routinely as a fact TV
America has few of no words of concern to know
of? Or, that BP removed the safety fluid which
caused the blow up toxicifying the entire Gulf
Coast on our watch?

Justice is Freedom.

Private banksters do not earn anything,
but steal from US all our credit.

Justice for God

Remember, the Peoples simply asked for evidence
to form a conclusion. And the American TV
Zionist, as ungodly criminal in the silented
majority, refuse to defend the innocent rights of
all others by not demanding freedom rule for our
benefits as Humanity. Defended for the innocent
crime victims of terror. Instead they preach as
devils for division to side quietly while war
criminals torture, rape, thieve, and mass murder
escaping Antichrist Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 911. For the banksters walking
with trillions. trillions man, trillions. Have
poisonous vaccines, and made so, Mexican Gulf oil
death products instead how about. Naaahhh.

Those who claim they war ourselves for
lawlessness should be top military targets.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Now, what cop in any right mind could blindly
support such furthering escape of those who have
truly done US all wrong like this answer me that.

America Demands Justice

While these trillioniare banksters are
making their escape with American pensions,
Pope Alex Jones tells his cult yesterday,
that anyone who criticizes anything Rand
Paul the true enemy of everyone says, is
always automatically discredited. A blind
CULT of stolen faiths. Who phone up, and go
on and on and on and on, all about how great
Alex Jones is, by not allowing the truth to
be spoken. George Noory sells the very same
poison. Life isn't like that. Ron Paul's
Republican National Convention election was
rigged. Alex Jones is a thief of Justice
for fair play there. He tells his cult, I
am cointelpro. Apparently doing everything,
and anything I can to escape Bush and
Cheney? For closing outstanding Police
Investigations on 9/11? Like I say,
Rightards are dumb. Dumb scum, who play
they are wiser than everyone else else under
the son. Problem. You can't make such a
measurement fairly, particularly without
knowing even the basics of what you are
selling as packaged. Examples: Alex Jones
on Health Care, or Law, or economics, or
women's rights, or men's rights.. and on
and on and on and on. Why? Because he
can't allow free speech to rule. He has too
many lies to defend himself from his blind
irrationalisms, all on how great a divider
he is. ('all mediamatters.org is bad') It
is better to live life honestly, like Jesse
Ventura has told US he lives his. Why does
Alex want to lie to all Americans about Ron
Paul, or con for Rand? Or, have no spoken
concern for the willful war crimes committed
near daily in his taxed to die name against
innocent Christians, Muslims, and Jews by
Nazi Israeli? To not support the arrest of
Bush and Cheney for Obstruction is crazy,
while calling himself a Patriot, encouraging
his cult to look everywhere else but.
America Demands Justice. No evidence
against an accused is US being truly abused.
Torture warrants death, but for censorship
to allow us free national debate with
absolutely any bush bitch FOX snooze fan
still breathing toxic waste.

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.

Rightards are evil bigot crooks who refuse US to
speak facts, for then they look as they truly are.

Hate Comes to Orange County

[1,600,000+ hits] - to think, how many of
those were referred from me? "George
Collins" stole the info this time. Why?
Because the vid implicates that Republican
demon witch and her Nazi grunting son for
first degree murder that warrants a rightful
death sentence under American Law. She
admitted to God her criminal intent, then
claims, America should all fear, for, she
has US all surrounded. Witch. Demon witch
of the worst of evils to Humanity

Pure evil enemies of Liberty are the
Rightard enemy bigot racist grunters
of Orange County.


Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (HD)


GOP Open the State up to a Corporate Asset-grab

THE CRIME OF TREASON. But a Rightard don't
have the mind to understand as much, so they
advance the attack against TV America's
undefended elderly and poor. Fight back
you fucks, fight back.

MOX Fuel - Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium
Explosion at Fukushima 3 Plutonium Nuclear Power Plant

This seems very dangerous if true. 50,000
years minimum they say is it's half life.
Why run such risks on a fault line? Did you
know: free energy is easy with a wise man
hated like me? Not as you've been trained
to sell the old WorldBank/IMF precedents,
poopooing absolutely everything else,
dumbfucking as the corporate TV gog trained
you, without respecting real knowledge, as
the only effective alternative. Remaining
everyone stupid by censorship so you can
safely, without Public ridicule, pretend as
a TeaBag your light years ahead of everyone
else in a badly drawn comic book of
nonsenses. But anyway, if these fears are
true regarding Plutonium leastly, this all
could be too late for ourselves to allow me
to finally, politely speak openly for free
debate, trouncing the Rightard Commie in
seconds, in near every last Political space
race with the Dunces, as nationally
achieving for Justice in fair play for all
truly respected. Rightards are broken
Bigots, they just are. They can't measure
the Rights of another, because they classify
random "People" as labeled fraudulently,
they just do like a racist does also. That
is the self described, "Republican",
"Conservative", or "Libertarian". So,
Americans don't want me speaking Coast to
Coast freely because I bring the Reality, of
how stupidly un-informed they all are
defending no one in Evil. Such as in 'NO
PUBLIC OPTION!!!' PUBLIC Health Care. Look
at YOUTUBE counters... if true, we have
near no more than about 300 to 3000 or so
people World Wide, that bother to even try
to figure what's going on here. (absent
Charlie) 300 million in America alone doing
something else but paying attention to our
great sufferings. But these upcoming costs
of crime to all Americans will be impossible
to ignore further by the American ignoramus.
Something is desperately wrong with our
drugged out species here. Nuclear power by
plutonium or MOX?, when we have highly
advanced tech like the "Faraday Flashlight"?
Or, sulfur argon gassed light bulbs hidden
from everyone here in the Rightard's World
of darkness? Or the wave power generator
that use to power Manhattan Island for free,
until the Rightards attacked, to shut it
down. Must pay the coal man they say, or
for your own oil without any royalties from
a British company, cause otherwise, a
Rightard guy would minimally be known world
wide, as something of an asshole to call us
names in fear for those smarter than the
average bear. How about the power of the
Moon that I've told all, that Americans
refuse to allow others to freely consider by
simply forwarding this info? Just as 'they'
did stealing Teslas's inventions, trying to
give free energy to all of us back then,
done instead to leave him die near a
penniless man like they will to do with
myself still going hungry. A world run by
Rightard bigots that ungodly treat everyone
unfairly for profitable corporate victims,
hooded by Rightard censorship, to keep
everyone divided into their false
dichotomies of left and rightard, with the
Banksters, away from actual measured
conclusions made by wiser People against
torture for example, will change for the
better if you fight back to defend this
world from those who refuse to allow US to
ever truly empower by communicating the
facts substantiated. 'all governing is bad'
they say, as "Constitutional" Rand Paul, or
Ron Paul election riggers - they just do as
officially escaping our enemies all over the
places. Or, instead, cowardly refuse to
face this music, and continue to do the dumb
same, and refuse too, to forward this post
to others, and you'll likely get what you
deserve rightly, when your fictions reach
the hard cold state of this Reality. Fight
back for Christ sake God damn you. Raise
your phone to happy George Norry, Limbaugh,
and Beck's contempt for all Human life. We
will to speak for Justice denied America
since false accuser Bush stole the
Presidency, then 9/11, and we, including me,
will get our way as a just call for true
liberation. Guaranteed. The question is
though, will you be there to see it for
yourself? You must care some here for
Humanity, you just must.

Thorium Reactors cannot melt down


Obama told Bradley Manning's prison treatment is 'appropriate'

Obama has gone too far on this. American
Gis are dumb and cowardly, but they wont
champion that! by going quiet, if everyone
knows clearly, that they are so clearly
cowards here to continue playing the DYING
as dumbies., to silently watch Manning
tortured, simply for complaining that his
torturers before he was arrested, [YES THE
VERY SAME] were torturing innocent women and
children to death for ungodly sadist
pleasures. For those who don't know, that's
how this whole thing with him started; he
became the man he knew he always was and
spoke against the very worst of war crimes
happening in his honorable name. President
Reagan again, warrants death against anyone
anywhere that tortures to TRULY escape those
that do US wrong every-time. Good law, for
good reason, that stands forever to our love
for God. Atheists included too, if they
have the wisdom to know so, as committed to
personal Liberty for the individual.
President Reagan, for all his bads, was
plenty good. I could explain freely, for
open line talks with Mr. or Ms. Anonymous
as Whoever. We are truly.


/ / A federal magistrate judge in Virginia
ruled Friday that Twitter must hand over the
records \ \ Another American war criminal
who deserves so rightly to die. Join me in
demanding this war criminal who wars America
to escape those who murder reporters for
telling the truth, who gang rape American
women, who push heroin, who openly torture
innocent souls, who kill Americans for the
escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11, so rightly,
so justly, to hang from a noose tied by
ourselves - after fair, international Public
trial. I HATE Bushite with everything I am.

The Son of Man


Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is ordering all
members of U.S. Military eat gulf seafood.

$52bn of American aid and Afghans are dying of starvation

War Criminals are shifty. But we are up for the
challenge. Justice for All means America wins.

Glenn Beck: "I didn't think I could hate
victims faster than the 9/11 victims"

American Patriot?

/ / The Marines are currently split into two
platoons, which are under the command of Israeli
\ \ Gunning for the nasty innocent Christian
families surviving in a concentration death camp
right? ..right? Of course Commie Pinko Nazis
always have to hide and pretend their real men
who can't hear what we're saying.

Sound American?

Our Priorities Are: 9/11, the lawless wars, and
the Banksters. Justice will be sought. We have
to start somewhere, and here is as good as any..

Does Alex Jones Not Understand?


/ / What part of Israelis arrested in a van
packed with bombs on 911 does Alex Jones not
understand? \ \

America - The Hidden Treasure

Here's Where We Come In..


/ / Matt Drudge, when presented with the
FBI records proving that the FBI fraudulently
manufactured Lisa Foster's recognition of the
gun found at Fort Marcy Park, refused to get
involved, opting instead for a story accusing
Sidney Blumenthal of domestic violence (for
which Drudge was then sued). \ \

Drudge, AJ's bud, if I recall right, sold the
propaganda to trick Americans into dying their
sons and daughters into a needless conflict to
escape Bush and Cheney too. No wonder he and
Alex have so much money to eat, and I frequent
the soup kitchens. Don't get me wrong, I know I
could make ooddles in sales, but I just haven't
had the time this last decade. I was making
money in the movie business, actually did a scene
with Robin Williams and whatshisname too. But,
once people heard of who I was, People just got
all freaked out.. And.. the phone stopped
ringing.. after 20 years in theater and film.
..it's understandable. Always excepting offers
though. SU*WAY, I really like your subs, and
man, I could bring up business with a shirt
saying just as much.. hint hint. If only you,
my reader, would stop being an asshole and
forward this post to everyone, I could then go to
S*BWAY and say, hey look! I have more than 25
people who frequent my blog.. And they would
say, 'okay so where is it?', and I would reply,
it's everywhere man, everywhere.

You know; like-demanding public trials and
executions of the Rightard's Bushite nazi
grunters, who for Satan, torture innocent
Peoples to death at Camp Cropper, Camp
Justice, or Guantanamo, gang rape American
women, push heroin, or bomb our cities
indiscriminately for antiChrist Bush's
escape for 9/11 is like, a bad thing??
To defend the Innocent from the worst
of Nazis, such as those from Orange
County should be thought manly, if
not truly Christ like even.

/ / One of Four Female College Students
Will Be Raped Before Graduating \ \

TV Americans don't care. They hold
women in contempt, as they do
for God, and everyone else.

/ / Neocon Michael Savage on Ron Paul
Supporters Flooding His Call Screener
on a Daily Basis \ \

All of them together, whoring for the escape of
Bush and the Banksters, while not uttering a word
in the defense of innocent Christian children
burned alive with American white phosphorus, by
Nazi Israeli that broke the truce. Rightards.
Rightards that refuse to truly defend American
freedom. 9/11? Forget it they'd all say, trying
to hypno-mug You to their ungodly cowardice, as
true hatred for Liberty. Remember: Ron Paul let
the election for Palin and McCain be rigged, and
the Bushite whores will not speak a word either
for fair elections when it counts. Like, what
about the trillions stolen they'll never mutter a
concern over, while selling it is the neocons vs.
the Patriots, when it is clearly a bunch of
fascist Nazi corporate whores sucking each
other's anti-gay dicks, doing anything else to
escape the demon antichrist from formal

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."


Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - John The Revelator


Active Patriot Groups in the US

/ / Generally, Patriot groups
define themselves as opposed to
the “New World Order,” engage
in groundless conspiracy theorizing \ \

See, this is what I mean. This is
just plain stupid. They list near
every last group in America, minus
Nazi Zionists, as "groundless".. it's
beyond dumb. Even Rivero is mentioned,
and he CLEARLY disseminates info from
anywhere. Yet, go look at the court
cases they as no one else does, that
no other Patriot group has the interest
for to defend innocent Americans being
left for dead. Most groups listed are
fundamentalist bigoted anti-government
Patriot groups, that they themselves
wouldn't deny if they could speak
cogently about what they are. Like Alex
Jones, never to talk about HOW America
was tricked into wars, never to TRULY
explain the Bankster extortions or
derivatives, never BP removing the
'safety fluid' which CAUSED the blow
up, never demand arrests of Bush or
Wisconsin's Walker for CLEAR high
treason, and so on.. Ideologue
fundamentalist Rightards, who's
interest is hiding their cowardice
to actually defend the good old
red white and blue, while instead
just blaming all governments everywhere
as bad always - like traffic lights,
or Unions. Rightards. While the heads
of the Unions just bends us over to
take it up his ass, instead of
fighting for the working class.
'We'll maybe recall next year',
but no demands for formal public
arrests for attempting to 'no bid'
the country into serfdumb. No
demands to arrest the banksters for
stealing the pension funds, and so
on.. What the fuck eh?

Going Big AND Going Home

/ / I think its insane how they renewed his
contract after they knew about cocaine and
him [allegedly] threatening his ex-wife...
yet many months later, they? fire him and
refuse? to pay him out..for what exactly? \ \

So they could steal a few extra billion
from Charlie's image... Punitive damages
should equal one trillions dollars because
CNN refuses to demand the arrest of
Bushite Nazi grunters, FELONS, selling
heroin to addict American teens for
concentration slave labour death camps..
(WB is a TIME WARNER Production..)

Incidentally, I won near single handedly
the largest criminal case in Canada's
History, for those who don't know who I am.
I wore a suit jacket, and combed my hair,
while They had minimally three of the Lord's
Crowns in the Public Court at all times,
five of the best in total working the case
I think it was, to try as the honorable
to defend false accusers Bush and Cheney,
along with legal advisors from no less
than.. whatever.. long long story short,
the truth wills out if you persevere.
Doesn't mean good guys fail sometimes,
(crack'll do that to you, or boozing
till you puke,) but sometimes, even
failing can be a success at winning.

Alex Jones still sucks however.

"Neocon David Horowitz Labels Ron Paul
and His Supporters Vicious Anti-Semites"

Yeah but, these two guys fuck
each other up America's ass
on a routine basis, as the
best of buds united at
the hip to escape Bush
and Cheney for 9/11, Nazi
Israeli for breaking truces,
and so on.. Again, it's that
same con of the Rightard.

Israeli settlers attack unarmed Palestinian villagers in their homes

And your to tell me, a Satanic Zionist enemy
of Creation doesn't warrant immediate death?

Afghan Civilians Intentionally Targeted

And your to tell me, a Satanic Zionist enemy
of Creation doesn't warrant immediate death?

US Media Hide an American Atrocity

/ / and slaughtered, one by one, nine boys
apparently as young as seven years old \ \

Why not join me in demanding public executions
of every last Rightard on this planet (start
with that Orange County's demon whore) who
disagrees we together demand death sentences
against the Nazi grunts who flew these attack
missions. They knew full well, they were mass
murdering little kids picking through garbage.
I will not live in a world with a nation like
America 'surviving', that would remain silent
over these atrocities they pay for. Maybe I'll
become a Ron Paul/Rand Paul evil Libertarian
jackass after all, 'Down with governing!,
down with governing'. Alex Jones sucks.


/ / There are large-scale deaths going on
there, and these are primarily -- I mean,
seriously, they are -- 99 percent of them
are civilians.

They are women. They are children. They
are old people. They're not fighters.
They're not soldiers. \ \

It was Israel that sent in 50,000 Satanic
Zionist mercenaries, who are the only people
there that could commit such an atrocity.
[Gaddafi is something of an idiot sadly..]
Clinton is going there immediately it is
being reported to thank them for their
service to Satan. Just as she did for the
Tenth Mountain division who would mass murder
every man, woman, and child in Afghanistan
villages to pleasure Rumsfeld. As is why
every last grunter is now either dead, or
clinically retarded suffering from massive
brain damage, save one. ABCNews.com. Death
to the bushite, death to the unlawful enemies
of God and Man.

CNN's Jack Cafferty Calls Social
Security a 'Social Welfare Program'

PURE EVIL. Why? Because WE know he knows better.
All to attack innocent made poorer Americans,
to make up for their lack of Humanity to
demand Justice for Your dying days.

billionaire brothers arrested over bank collapse

Have you yet heard me talk about America's
trillioniares? Who never earned a dollar?
Does anyone in America truly at all care to
remain silent over our continuing demands
to recover our stolen pensions taken by
the mysterious "Gods" of Wall Street,
backed by every last shit feeding
Republican war monger, who wills to
blame GOD [Allah is the Muslim word
for GOD] for all of America's woes
instead as celebrated demons of
Evil false accusers on FOXSNEWS?

To Those Who Want Rights


/ / Dozens of [bushite nazi grunts] shut
down the Baghdad offices of two opposition
political parties Sunday \ \ Bushites are
the enemies of both You and me as anyone
else too. They war crime our Humanity to
torture as enslave, stealing everything
from everyone, being ungodly evil enemy
traitors to Life, dying near penniless
too as whores of the Antichrist. All for
attempting escape of Republican's own,
Bush and Cheney on 9/11 for closing Police
investigations to escape the terrorists,
along with the trillioniare banksters.
An impossible task in a free to speak
of the facts here world. As is why the
enemy Republicans are un-democratically
as treasonous, stealing America's right
to bargain fairly by votes. A Republican
CHEAT as a Foxsnews fan, is a liar, a
thief, and a pro-mass murderer.
Anything to kill America for the
escape of terrorists Bush and Cheney
on 9/11.

Do you buy the Rightard demon con, that these KKK
members, and the worst of L.A. street gangs, are
trying to "free" anyone here? As the godless
Satanic enemy war criming God and Humanity to
escape false accuser Bush and Cheney for 9/11?

Who Are You?

Kan. House Panel Endorses Pension Cuts

'Pension shortfalls' yeah, into the pockets
of Goldman Sachs they mean as Rightards
making their escapes..

/ / Bank of America says nearly half its
mortgages are 'bad' \ \ because Goldman
Sachs told they were AAA Ninjahs, knowing
full well they weren't, but who cares right?
it's just the American sucker willed to be
made loser, instead of us bad guys going down
by the long arm of this 'lauwsy smausy'
the little people speak so much about ouside
of the corporate 'no opinion' Press, out on
their own, all by their lonesomes - quote,
"Winners" unquote - Ha!. "got your sign?",
"Good", "Ready?", "okay.. 1,2,3..", "Down
with governing!, down with governing!"- TV
Channel One News here, Let's ask the bankster
on the street, 'why are you protesting?', and
then were heard the words, 'what the hell?'.
Who Are You?

Lauwsy Smausy



/ / Defense lawyers for organizations on the
U.S. government's "terror list" are frustrated
fighting the designation, and seizure of assets
in many cases, because the government claims it
is too tedious to give an explanation of the
charges... \ \

"Frustrated".. well I guess, all these robberies
an all.. Fuck man, there is something wrong with
the minds of the American Zombie... idunno why,
entirely, but just, that it is. These are crimes
DHS is guilty of here. Without question. Fuck,
without question. Fuck.. do you hear what I'm
sayin? Fuck..

The Rightards are Attacking

Wisconsin GOP Ramming Through Measure

"There's going to be a public hanging of
public employee unions at the Capitol tomorrow"

Look you ungodly demon fucks. This traitor Gov.
Scott Walker is guilty of high treason, as going
to steal everything from Wisconsin. He needs to
be publically arrested, and publically tried
TODAY for his criminal offenses. They are going
to STEAL Wisconsin. It doesn't serve anyone but
Rightard criminals who are planning to give less
than ten cents through "no-bid" contracts against
the entire country. ARRESTS must be demanded.
But a Rightard, and the many ""leftists"" will
not allow US to speak freely with the facts here,
as they don't regarding 9/11, Afghanistan, or
Iraq. Alex Jones sucks. George Noory sucks.
Limbaugh, Beck, and so on suck. No commitment to
the public ourselves to be treated fairly, for
they are bigots, The Rightards, unquailified to
hold a polite conversation for that fact.

forward this post, or burn in hell
for all you care..


Lt Col John Dorrian, a spokesman for Nato forces

/ / He said: "This is the first time that Iranian
manufacture 122mm rockets have been discovered
in this country. They had been deliberately
sanitised to hide their origin. \ \

"I'm not aware that we have had so
strong evidence as this in the past."

So, because they have no evidence to
form their false allegations, means
therefor, all of Iran is responsible
for the SAS getting directly caught
killing our honorable Police officers.
Do you buy it..?

All Peoples of Earth must insist this COP KILLER
Lt Col John Dorrian, be formally Publically tried
and executed. God is the word, and his words
admit to his war crimes. Besides, what is the
crime of a Taliban? WHAT!!? DIE BUSHITE DIE.

Emptied his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl

/ / An Israeli army officer who fired the
entire magazine of his automatic rifle into
a 13-year-old Palestinian girl and then
said he would have done the same even if
she had been three years old was acquitted
on all charges by a military court yesterday. \ \

She was thought 10. Understand, American tax
payers pay this Satanic demon enemy of Life a
salary to mass murder defenseless innocent
Christian, Muslim, and Jewish kids. How much
would you pay to see himself and personally
responsible Repugnant Demons with the "Judge"
on this matter, formally executed as for sure
war criminals against God and Humanity? Would
you pay enough of a concern to leastly
complain rightly? The Satanic demon enemy
has no remorse over first degree murdering
a helpless 12 year old child, and is named
a Hero to those Satanically committed in hatred
for God and all things beautiful in the Nazi
State of Unholy Israel. George Noory with AJ
told anyone who says anything about it, is
a bad person without questions. Alex Jones
truly sucks man, he just does.

Nine People Involved in Iceland's Banking Crash of 2008 Under Arrest

YES!! Americans, why must you be cowards
to not demand back, your stolen pensions?
Raise your phone to happy George Noory, and
demand he be made to allow free discussions
with the facts absent his contempt for all
human life.

Did you hear AJ tell how bad M. Moore
was, for suggesting America wasn't
broke? What the hell was that eh?
So, all Revolutions campaigning for
fairness are auto bad because,
your still just paying into his
'mastermind' Globalist trap, as,
to simply just demand YOUR stolen money
back with the Law of the Land, is a
big genius Liberal conspiracy also
that no one can fathom. The truth is
he knows he can't fairly compete being
a cheat. We need to host an international
radio program ourselves, with an anti-AJ
segment. Bug Charlie about it if you can..

You know, I don't see why we have to
be the poor guys going hungry always,
everyday, to defend innocent forsaken
good Americans falling further plundered.

President Obama signed an executive order Monday that will create a
formal system of indefinite detention for those held at the U.S.
military prison at Guantanamo Bay

War crime kidnapping, and torture
warrants death under standing American law.
They are already torturing American soldiers
for money.. not enough still for the
American to raise it's lifeless dying



Stay Keen Charlie Sheen

Charlie's Contract did not state, he had some
public responsibility off the set, to live freely
under *all* laws of our land. There are places
in America, where Americans earn life term prison
sentences as a "felony" for getting a double
prescription for pain relief as paraplegics, but
where doper Rush Limbaugh escapes with a warning
for the very same offense. TRUE. Now true too,
possession of cocaine for consumption sold by
Nazi grunters is a felony, however, Warner
Brothers makes no bones over the escape of the
Bushite Nazi war crime grunters, AND, is planning
on making billions and billions and billions
more, stealing Charlie's image of rowdy
womanizing music man lost without morals for
generations to come, and that just isn't fair to
me. Especially considering so many of them as
completely talentless, are ungodly billionaire
Zionist Nazi porkers who joy in silence over the
indiscriminate mass murder of innocent
Christians, Muslims, and JEWS with their willed
taxes. "Felony" from where we're from. Charlie,
consider hiring me on as another adviser, and
with the money you'd pay me, I'll provide you so
much more than what I offer here. Otherwise,
I'll need to look elsewhere for funding my up and
coming media empire. Of babes, booze, and bad
news comedy shoes. Where all contributers will
earn their rightful equal shares. As near as
such measurements can be made anyway. Ex. It's
hard to measure the values of writers to
performers, where the value is in the
collaboration - where Charlie was near Charlie as
the model used that earned them the ideas to take
us all for great laughs scoring billions.
..thinking.. I think Warner Brothers might could
be sued for encouraging Charlie to be the man
they accused him of being, so successfully for
them, so now fired for him. [i need more time
with this obviously..]

Anyway, stay keen Charlie Sheen.


P.S. can you as my reader not be an asshole,
and forward this post to everyone? to eventually
get to Charlie? Please.. thanks.


/ / the United States has demanded the
UN Security Council (UNSC) to remove the
provisions of charging mercenaries with
war crimes in the killing of Libyan
civilians. \ \ accessory to murder.

Let US, as Humanity, demand a rightful
death sentence for these war crimes.
Kaddafi, when he rose his green book,
read that those who murder Libyans
as anyone, will be formally executed.
100% of Libyans are with US on this.
Death to the Bushite, death to the
enemies of God and Man.

WTC 7 Explosion That the Magic TV Refuses to Show - Why?

/ / NIST is now cornered: trapped within their web
of lies. Now that the video of the firemen reporting
explosions has been released from NIST archives,
they have? NO EXCUSE for failing to investigate

This is high treason. \ \ You got that right buddy.


/ / Honeywell describes an already existing
"secret" disabling FMC code that can allow a
GPS-guided aircraft autopilot system to take
away control of an aircraft from a pilot during
emergencies. Honeywell state-of-the-art Flight
Management Systems (FMS) were used by the four
aircraft reportedly hijacked on September 11, 2001. \ \

We must demand Justice.


The Canadian Press revealed Thursday that
a directive was sent late last year to
public servants, advising them that
"government of Canada" should be replaced
in all federal communications with the words
"the Harper government."

WHAT THE HELL? Next, their going to want
to change our national Anthem to stand on
guard for greed? Canada is greater than
Harper I'd think we'd all agree to that
here.. no? Apparently yes. It was reported
that Harper wants our media also to have
the right to lie to the viewers to kill US
off with as victims for big cash rewards
as America's ungodly as Evil foxsnews
does. From what I remember reading, The
Canadian Government [CRTC] said, "no."
likely after saying, WHAT THE HELL?

"And the bewildered herd is still believing
Everything we've been told from our birth
Hell they won't lie to me
Not on my own damn TV
But how much is a liar's word worth
And what happened to peace on earth" --Willie Nelson


Christ, They're Not Even Trying Not To Be Assholes

Republican Walker has taken a position against
every citizen on this issue.. to deny a better
Life from everyone, so the Rightard thieves can
steal even further. HE SERVES NO ONE BUT THOSE
WORLD. The program doesn't cost the government
an extra anything, unless Walker escapes arrest
as this then bill becomes law. whaduhfuk - "Koch
owned insurance companies" This is not democracy,
unless we arrest the scoundrel for treason.
Again, his action here does not serve the
interests of anyone but Republican Rightard

SCAM OF SCAMS : everything is true

Jobs are gone, homes are stolen, Pensions are all
"lost", while the magical Banksters give
themselves a BONUS! of MANY BILLIONS of dollars
this quarter, while claiming in almost all cases,
they don't owe America for taxes either. They
bribed the Congress fair and square. Never
earned a penny, but that is God to America. Why
don't you become a man instead of a Bush bitch
coward, and forward this post to everyone so we
can make our stands for Liberty? No? All
because your a dying American Rightard bigot who
measures the rights of others in contempt? Think
50,000 football fans all giving near five hundred
dollars at the gate this quarter to the Bankster
for stealing our rights to capitalize for the
win. Where no matter how well your team plays,
everyone leaves a loser.

How Wisconsin Could Turn Austerity into Prosperity: Own a Bank

Understand, AJ and his NWO Globalist Rightard
Bigots, refuse wiser men and women to speak
freely for Just actions. Maybe this issue will
the one he can't ignore without his blind
cult, who claim to 'know it all', looking as he
does to me, a desperate fool willing to say
anything to escape Antichrist Bush and Cheney
for Obstruction on 9/11.

Happy Daze

Bush team 'agreed plan for WAR the day before Sept. 11'

/ / Bushite deny the allegation
of all killings, but admitted that they
don’t investigate the vast majority of
the complaints, because they assume them
to be “Taliban propaganda.” \ \

Look, how can any conclusion be made without the
facts? but for by demon liars who war Humanity
by cheating for the final escape of Bush and
Cheney? The same remarks were made in Iraq,
where Nazi grunts randomly gun down defenseless
innocent families for fun on VIDEO, and Petraus
just states, 'al-Qaida did it' everytime, without
any gathering of facts whatsoever (as reported
PBS). Why? Because as bushite godless enemy
forces go; a Bushite lies to a Bushite because
it's dishonorable, and as every Bushite liar
minion of the demon Antichrist knows, they can't
survive in a free to speak arena as continuing
with their ungodly torturing, stealing, and mass
murderering as Nazi. Death to the bushite enemy
of Peoples everywhere, US, the Peoples that speak
in the defense of the innocent, while they as
FOXNEWS HEROES bomb cities with radio-active
toxic waste without causes (Samara, Fallujah,
Tikrit, Basra, Anytown, as so on.) Death to the
sworn enemies of All that is right and Just as
American. Example: torturing innocent people to
escape the actual bad guys is a war crime
according to Reagan. We Peoples were asleep.

Agent Successfully Penetrates al-Qaeda

/ / An agent successfully penetrated al-Qaeda.
[..] and was planning “large scale operations in
New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He
provided this information to the US in August
2001. [Agence France Presse, 11/22/01,
International Herald Tribune, 5/21/02, London
Times, 6/12/02] \ \ (Tenant warned Bush in July -
60 Minutes - where when Bush promptly goes on
vacation - to warn who? - all the while. Condi
conniving her genius plot for overthrow.)

And Mr. Powell openly gives the suspects 47
million dollars on behalf of Johnny Taliban,
after the Admin. learning all this info from
those with prior inside knowledge? Bush!>

Efforts to Impeach George W. Bush


Boian Alexandrov at Los Alamos National Laboratory

'TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA'

This is not TV newsworthy? You decide that
we all would decide the same here left as
the outsiders to the corporate pros.

/ / "$7.5 million estimate to repair marble damaged by tape"

$7.5 million for removing tape? Holy FSM. No
wonder the guy has trouble balancing the budget. \ \

Evil is the deceived disguised to sell, we
will all just fall down to die innocent
Bankster victims, before demanding the
Rightard Republicans and the Demonrat
traitors face fair Justice by speaking
the truth as our defended steds.

Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)

Reason given by Bush for why millions were
indiscriminately slaughtered in Iraq by enemy
of everyone Bushite Nazi grunters,

"Saddam wouldn't let the [UN] inspectors in"

America Is NOT Broke

/ / 400 little Mubaraks, most of whom
benefited [criminally] in some way from
the multi-trillion dollar taxpayer bailout
of 2008 now have more cash, stock, and
property than the assets of 155 million
Americans combined.” \ \ True. Didn't
earn a penny from those pensions
emptied either. Justice is Victory.

Scott Walker and Transparency?

/ / Walker claimed to have received thousands
of emails supporting him [..]

Walker's desire not to share with the public
how much support he is actually getting. \ \

This could be it. I know near none will
believe me, but TV polls in America are
hugely bogus. I mean, who in America, would
actually vote for any of those thirty gang
raping Republicans of our beloved American
women? WHO? A true degenerate like those
of Orange County for none that's who. I
did do a podcast somewhere detailing how
the TV cons are run, I just can't remember
which one it is though - listen to them
all and you'd find it I'm sure.


Sen Rand Paul "We're Spending About 10 Billion Dollars A Day &
Borrowing About 4 Billion Of That!"

What about the trillions fraud
traitor enemy? What about Bush and
Cheney's escape for 9/11? The Iraq
war crimes we know Rand Paul couldn't
care less at all, because Americans
don't much at all care to educate
either, (they're led irrationally
by the rightard 'know it alls') but
still.. Look at this Peoples:
rightard Zionist ameriKa is dying.
Simply because they refuse to raise
their voices for Justice.


This is great however..

SAS men captured in Libya

COP KILLERS. All of Humanity will
thank Libya for formally executing
those grunts responsible for killing
cops. They were caught dressed up as
al-Qaida, killing COPS. Execute the
bushite nazi grunter no matter where
or who you are. The Bushite isn't
human as souless degenerate Zombie
'lawless' war criminals, who war God
and Humanity with torture and gang
rape, pushing heroin, to escape those
like themselves who truly do US wrong.
Such as Bush and Cheney for 9/11.
Or Peter Power for 7/7.

Hate Comes to Orange County

Pure evil enemies of Liberty are the
Rightard enemy bigot racist grunters
of Orange County. Wouldn't you rather
see the UN-AMERICAN pirate Bushite grunting
flag waver executed rightly, than allow it
to murder more of the only innocent as
falsely accused? Americans? Too difficult
to decide to speak out for Justice, because
you are a dying Nazi fascist coward, to
instead will to attack the innocent made
poorer by the magic TV pros? Fan of Rand
Paul are you?

Federal Prisoners With "Unpopular Political Beliefs"

IF you don't fight back against the ungodly
TRUE COMMIE Rightards with the facts they censor,
they will continue to advance the attack against
innocent American Peoples, escaping Bush and Cheney
for 9/11 with those 30 Republican gang rapists
called "Constitutionalists" by the Teabags.

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our Souls.
They take military orders from Israeli Nazis,
training to war innocent Christians, Muslims,
and so on, openly, and with Nazi pride being.


Limited Government (like Big) is Relative

/ / Ron Paul is America's leading voice for
limited, constitutional government, low taxes,
free markets, a return to sound monetary
policies, and a sensible foreign policy hat puts
America first. \ \ limited (like Big) is relative.
Examples: Limited from arresting gang rapists of
American women in KBR for example? The trillion
dollar extortionist's capture? The 9/11 perps?
FREE MARKETS FOR LOOTING!!!??!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
How about UN-CONSTITUTIONAL Bush and Cheney?
Ron Paul is a con, who willingly let an election
be rigged nakedly for Palin and McCain. And didn't
support the Rightful arrest of Bush and Cheney for
DOCUMENTED high treason as Obstructing Justice on
9/11... What more needs to be said? Bushite Demon
liars who will to kill more innocent victims for
Bush and Cheney's final escape are war criminals
assisting in the escape of those for sure guilty
of mass murder on 9/11. Escape from the Constitutional
protects we must excersize to defend ourselves from
just this sort of undermining. Trillions have be
outright stolen in broad daylight, while Ron Paul
claims he has no reckonning of such willful treasonous
conducts of criminals he calls his fellow Republicans.
Such as in kidnaping, in torture, vaccines, bombing
Iraq, and so on further into a world of lawless
destruction, because we know, first hand, Ron Paul
will never be there to win US anything but more
rewarding tyranny. His arguments on Nazi Israel are
NOT to defend the innocent Christian children mass
murdered by the Nazis who broke the truce. NO no, no
he ACTUALLY STATES we must not help the INNOCENT
victims no matter what to his murderous cons of
denying Justice for all. Everywhere. If I sight the
video, it will get pulled by Google or the Jones
Cult, but just, seek for yourself his comments on
Gaza, on military dictatorships being all our,
"Police actions", and his complete contempt for
All American life by knowing the Bush regime
pulled off 9/11, and as 'public ally', sides to
say how dumb we all are to his enlightened view,
that trying to help can only do ourselves wrong
every-time, like Alex Jones will sell with
censorship to the dying suckers paying in willful
donations.. Censored on like, how traffic lights
work effectively as thought collectively to ease
congestion, while saving real Peoples lives.

Bradley Manning Could Face Death: For What?

/ / acts of whistle-blowing into a hanging offense. \ \

My position on this is the same. The two accusers
in this matter, are responsible for torturing
innocent women and children to death, (the only
thing we know for certain about what Manning
was falsely arrested by the perpetrators for)
and as such unlawful treasonous demons, can't
help but now, put their heads out like they are,
as an attempt at escaping the wrath of the True
American Patriot Soldier who will spare no
expense, to defend Patriot Manning's Rights to
the death. Just watch US. Justice is Victory.

A Lawyer quipped: "What is the difference of voluntary
manslaughter to first degree murder in the new America?
Twenty to life."

Pakistan Court rejects Davis’ claim of immunity

/ / With Davis cell phone connecting him to
the Bhutto and Pearl cases, this might turn
into another bay of Pigs fiasco. \ \

Excellent. Evil is the deceived disguised.
Up with Justice down with tyranny we say.


Will Washington Wake Up to Wall Street - Dylan Ratigan

Speaking Truth as Power

While these trillioniare banksters are making
their escape with American pensions, Pope Alex
Jones tells his cult yesterday, that anyone who
criticizes anything Rand Paul the true enemy of
everyone says, is always automatically
discredited. A blind CULT of stolen faiths,
contempting against the Constitution as all we
hold dear. This is no exaggeration. Just saying
your a "Constitutionalist" means shit if the
TeaBag don't call criminals what they are as why
to defend ourselves rightly from further plunder.
Now, Keiser had been on with AJ two days earlier
stating, roughly, 'to blame anyone else but these
bankster trillioniare criminals for America's
current downfalling is just crazy' was perfect.
And hopefully, as likely, he will be back to speak
some more truth as power.. But I think the problem
here is the Rightard. Usually a bigoted sexually
dysfunctional sadomasochistic tool of ungodly
tyranny that pleasures in blaming who they know
the TV will not defend. Poor people, injured
people, ripped off people - the innocent. Like
when AJ calls Mr. Bush 'a puppet' to excuse the
war crimes unspoken against America.. (That Mr.
Bush was personally responsible for!) means
what..? Don't stand as a TeaBag from JonesTown,
stand as a man or woman thing bringing it home.

George Noory, AJ's bud, freely confesses he WANTS
to murder our innocent children, for they might
some day grow up to demand Justice, and Alex Jones
calls him anything but what he is for being so,
SERIOUSLY EVIL as ungodly Zionist traitor to the
cause of People as God anywhere. Refusing all
calls for Justice.

Rand Paul "There's So Many Justifications For War Because Of Oil"

There was NO GOOD REASON to war crime Iraq murdering millions.

Ron Paul "Our Success At Providing A Free Society For Iraq Is A Total

Do you have any idea how truly evil Ron Paul is
here? Any? The WAR CRIME nazi grunts torture
people at random, while bombing cities
indiscriminately, to OPENLY, steal our assets..
Do you buy the Rightard demon con, that these KKK
members, and the worst of L.A. street gangs, are
trying to "free" anyone here? As the godless
Satanic enemy war criming God and Humanity to
escape false accuser Bush and Cheney for 9/11?

'A unionized public employee, a TV Rightard
activist and a CEO are sitting at a table with a
plate of a dozen cookies in the middle of it.
The CEO STEALS 11 of the cookies, turns to the
Rightard LIAR enemy of God and Humanity, the
Libertarian Conservative Republican 'tea partier'
and says, "Watch out for that union guy... he
wants a piece of your cookie!'

We Are Wisconsin

/ / Koch Brothers will buy Wisconsin state-owned
power plants for pennies on the dollar in closed
unsolicitated bids for which there will be no
CRIMINAL. CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
antiAmerican I mean as.. c r i m i n a l.
Treason. Who should care? YOU!

Beck Links Koch Brothers To The Founding Fathers

The Pentagon Thieves Blame Islam and China for the Bail-Outs


/ / untraceable actors undertook a three-tiered attack \ \

This is for real propaganda ILLEGAL in America.
Why? Because WE KNOW, how the bail-outs
happened. True, the American TV and radio
refuses to allow the Public to acknowledge the
knowledgeable on everything.. But, Bear Sterns
for example: They went belly up with 77 trillion
dollars in WORTHLESS derivatives. Now, I, yes I,
know why that was. When I try to speak anywhere
in America, I am not appreciated because I make
near all "Pros" look irresponsible, and not truly
cogent on this con issue, like on many other
issues such as Alex Jones' version of 9/11, or
Iraq. Mostly because, Americans just don't
appreciate truly wise men or women speaking we
guess. Makes the Rightard enemy of everyone look
as dumb as they truly are.


US land in Libya Several hundred “defence
advisors” to support anti-Ghadafi Forces

/ / The Prime Minister even suggested he
could send British troops into Libya as
a peacekeeping force to stop Gaddafi’s
henchmen massacring democracy campaigners. \ \

What about to go in and kill the Bushite
enemy torturers, as those like enemy to all
Mattis, that bomb our cities indiscriminately
for the escape of Bush and Cheney, as being
much more helpful right now. We all got to
get together for Justice, and put the Nazi
war crime grunters into their graves where
they belong as the traitors to God and
Humanity they are.

GOP Budget Cuts Would Kill 700,000 Jobs: Report

GOP Proposes $1.6 Billion Cut To EPA Budget,
Defends $40 Billion In Oil Subsidies

actually vote for any of the thirty gang
rapist Republicans? WHO?

US Measure Ensures Gadhafi Mercs Immune From War Crimes Prosecution

America is ruled criminally by the truly ungodly.

/ / We must not tolerate this regime using
military force against its own people. \ \
(nobody here heard of 9/11?)

All the while, bushite nazi grunts torture
innocent Iraqis to death for Satanic enemy
Geoffrey Miller. While warring Afghanistan to
rape our wives and children as the ungodly.
Bushite Nazi grunting heroin pushers, are trained
by G. Miller to desecrate the Holy Bible while
bombing our families indiscriminately, all to
escape Bush and Cheney for 9/11. True Satanists
would kill a Bushite for the love of themselves,
and those truly religious, would kill them too,
rightly for the love of Freedom. So don't be
alarmed enough to care and go on doing what you
were not doing, by still refusing to raise your
voice demanding Justice to defend our dying
Humanity from the ungodly evil tyranny of the
Antichrist TV Tea Bag enemies of all living
things. I HATE Bushite.

Ask NWO Rightard Globalist Alex Jones, 'what is
the Crime of the Taliban to ask for evidence to
form any conclusion'?

Wiping Humanity Off the Map the American Nazi Grunter Does

When you ask the Bushite Nazi FOX news fan
Grunter what the crime of the Taliban is for
asking of evidence to form a conclusion, and it
lies, kill it for God and Country to save the
life of it's next chosen as innocent mass murder
victims. Victims as those who died on 9/11 still
denied Justice, by the Rightard Nation refusing
to demand these facts be spoken. Kill the Grunt
for Jesus, kill it for God. Kill it for
Humanity, kill it for yourself, for it certainly
doesn't deserve another stolen breath in our
names. Die ungodly evil bushite grunters die.

To Commit these war crimes in the name of God is Satanic


Ergo, America is Satanic. They refuse to raise
even this simple post for others to freely
consider because they know God is good, and
Justice is a must to live free in any world.
Now, with Olbermann gone, the Demonrats have
joined with the COMMIE Teabags, to advance the
attack against America's elderly through STEALING
Social Security, and they still, refuse to speak
against the war crimes action, because it is what
they are, Satanic enemies of Life to remain
silently dying in League with the for real
Anti-Christ enemies of all Creation. I will ask
you again, to forward these words as if they were
of your own as something to truly care for. All
I want is open national debate on the documented
facts here, absent the delusional TV war crime
dividers of bigotry as or racism stealing our
fair communications. LAWLESS Enemy Bushite says
as American, "I don't care.", and frankly, I'm
beginning not to care much for what America is
becoming truly either.

Really liked the movie "Green Hornet" though..
You need to fight to do what is right, or these
war criminals are going to continue to walk all
over Americans. We need leadership.

"Left bows down to false WikiLeaks prophet"

Rightards are evil to all Peoples.
No demands to defend anyone, but
to escape those who rape, pillage,
and steal. It's not left to support
Justice, but Rightly Human who wills
freedom. Rightards are the enemies
of every last free man woman and child
on our planet, and they know it.
As is why, Alex Jones forbids the
truth be told about Social Security,
while advancing the attack against
America's elderly. WHO PAID ALREADY.
IT'S A TRUST FUND - u evil enemy fuks.

Defend the American Dream!

Media Blackout: CNN Fox News and MSNBC Ignore 100,000 WI Protesters


Wisconsin Assembly approves plan to curb unions

This was with NAKED CRIMINAL intention.
To CHEAT the voters is what a Republican
is that truly has no talent but to deceive,
as it would be run out of country, if free
speech with the facts ruled the day.

USA: Wisconsin Unions Preparing a General Strike

Trillions of dollars from America has
been defrauded, and the President with
his Republican partners will to blame
the innocent for the shortfall, instead
of actually defending the good old, red
white and blue.


Walker Whacks Wisconsin for Wackenhut

No-Bid Energy Assets Firesales

Wisconsin’s power plants for pennies on the dollar

Treason. No? He is openly planning to rob US of
what we are truly worth. Who voted for this guy,
who wouldn't now know, a recall is in order for
the benefits of all? Unless the reason Americans
vote Republican is to rob from everyone.

Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail?

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

Republican Governor Deliberately Spent Wisconsin Surplus

No evidence against the accused is US being truly
abused. The Bible teaches this. Life teaches
this. Atheists rule as equals is God's Kingdom,
if only for the laughs. This is an all win kind
of a thing. Where the truth is relished.. for

Ed Schultz - Social Insecurity

Good work Ed.

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, throughout the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.


The American President should offer 50
dollars for the head of, Rear Admiral
Gregory Smith.

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech

Commies are Rightarded dumb guys, who refuse to
humble themselves to confess, they can not speak
as the foremost expert of experts at the Johnny
level [NO CENSORSHIP], without being exposed as
idiots when free communications with the FACTS
are present.

Justin Bieber On Health Care: U.S. System 'Evil'

/ / "You guys are evil," he told the magazine,
out on February 18th. "Canada's the best country
in the world. We go to the doctor and we don't
need to worry about paying him, but here, your
whole life, you're broke because of medical
bills. My bodyguard's baby was premature, and
now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your
baby's premature, he stays in the hospital as
long as he needs to, and then you go home." \ \

American incubators = $100,000+ a day
Canadian incubators = $1000ish- a day

[Same machine, but in Canada the medically
qualified oversee, in America, the Rightards.
Pure unadulterated evil the American
"Conservative" enemy bigot like Alex Jones rips
into American lives with censorship for stolen
cash takes from everyone of the country.]

Now, there is a good reason to love. Why? Well,
because Americans pay more than double per-capita
for public health care, that then requires them
to go out and buy some private insurance. Pure
wicked evil of the worst kind to know so as I,
that Rightards like Alex Jones, and near every
last American "Conservative" liar, cheat, and
thief, who can't fairly compete, will cut off all
dying American callers to state, 'it is the best
in the world', now shaddup. Dying to speak.

Yeah pure evil, out of the mouths of babes. This
so called child, is light years ahead of AJ who
claims he has photographic memory, and reads
voraciously 16 hours a day, which makes him the
sole athorateh without questions, Pope dope
complexer in his censored private quacker tales.
Escaping evil doers in our worlds. Ever heard of
the Crusades 'excuses'? Very much like our
irrational Pope dope AJ who claimed, "Mexico
hates America". Just as Zionists do in Nazi
Israel about the Semitic Arabs. You know, the
Christians, Muslims, and Jews? Are we still all
alone on this? Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast
radio host! But first, I'm going to need help
for the bus fares... How about a front on my
NEW! Coast to Coast radio gig up there in the
sky, that I'll try to get back for you as soon
as humanly possible? Take a chance on we.

Angelo Mozilo Grilled Over Mortgage Fraud

Angelo Mozilo Will NOT Go To Prison: Feds Drop Criminal Probe

Understand, these mortgages need to be traced
back to who holds the stash. In many instances,
they will tell US, they don't know who the money
went to. No job or ID required for them to walk
right out our front doors. See the Ninjah!
(something about something else or another) ..
Ninjah loans, Ninjah Loans. We want our laws
inforced that prevent criminal fraud, by
returning our stolen assets, and convicting the
criminals to prove ourselves respected. We
should expect nothing less. The credit is ours,
not the banksters to lose away to themselves
'foolishly', counting on our poor judgements, to
say yeah, makes sense to me too, that we should
all now owe them more than ever before., to those
who have done nothing for nobody but steal our
pensions. To attempt escaping themselves as,
'holier than thou' Wall Street wizards.., or to
the savvy, pension thieving home wreckers making
off with our loots - Banksters who advance with
the well funded TV Tea Bag Rightards, an attack
against the being made poorer as cheated working
folk. America wants our stolen trillions back.
(Then, surely, there wouldn't be need for taxes
in the forseeable future.) The head of the FBI,
CIA, NATO and Interpol is not qualified in
speaking what we need to do here to secure
ourselves from lawless tyranny. Example: Torture
is Outlawed everywhere, and warrants death
according to President Ronald Reagan in the War
Crimes Act. And to true common sense, if those
who practice censoring our demands for Justice
would allow us to proclaim such free democratic
will, open for public discussions. Justice for
the People.


Openly Evil: A Study in the Death of American Liberty

/ / Attorney General Eric Holder, who will not
prosecute for torture and murder, says he is
mounting a criminal investigation against Assange
because anyone who breaks American law "will be
held responsible." \ \

or the escaping trillioniare banksters.

Lawless Republican gang rape of American Women is
highly illegal, and frankly, I'm sure we'd All
with Christ like to see those 30 Republican gang
rapists formally executed for that serious war
time treason. While torture of course, as
everyone knows, warrants death every time, under
standing American Law, despite all the lies a
FOXNEWS Rightard Junkie will deny. Kill a
Bushite to be a True American Patriot Hero.

Snipers open fire on mourners in Libya, killing 15
(who could have possibly done such a crime but
blackwater, AEGIS, or CACI???)

1. outlaw lawless mercenaries with death by big
Patriot rewards for their refusals to desist.
(Blackwater, CACI, and AEGIS must end instead of
ourselves as the innocent they routinely attack
as everyone's enemy, warring to steal., not to
free by being the for sure bad guys running with
American gang rapist of American Women, the
'un-touchable' KBR enemy.) 2. A truthful free
press to say near anything for the good of
everyone. And 3., free fair elections by paper
ballot, as then.. our worlds defended from the
escaping war monger criminals that 'hide' as us
good guys the enemies of all Humanity in
disguises. Real freedom is working with the
details, to insure we are not being undone by
those in our command illegally.

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

What kind of inhuman monster could commit such a
willful crime against innocent others for money?
A private war crime mercenary pro-torture Nazi
Zionist enemy serving for the terror regime of
America? A grunt that wars Humanity for the
escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11? A grunt that
enjoys to steal American homes from cowardly
dumfuk soldiers, who they even torture to sign
over their life savings to Rumsfeld at the
Pentagon? A Bushite who cares not for anyone or
anything but what it can steal further from our
good will to let it continue against our innocent
women and children as the State of Israel does
openly every day? How about replacing that
uncaring talentless Zionist traitor, who gets off
on killing our innocent kids, happy happy George
Noory, with a Real American Patriot. Or no.?

Pentagon Tortures Untold American Soldiers

The Peter B. Collins Show
Joshua Kors on Tortured Vets
and Charley Carpenter on Gitmo

Pentagon Tortures American Soldiers to Steal the Benefits.

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes for Fun
(all the while STEALING billions from America)


/ / The 68-ton tanks are propelled by a jet
engine and equipped with a 120mm main gun that
can destroy a house more than a mile away \ \

Former Guantánamo Bay prisoner speaks

Alex Jones and enemy of everyone traitor
Propagandist pro child killer George Noory, had a
real love fest today, on how anyone who defends
the rights of innocent human beings targeted by
truce breaking Nazi Israeli, is the bad guys
without any question considered. Their evil
selfish contempt for Justice as God Given Liberty
has fallen to such foolish depths, it's no wonder
they can't allow US free Public criticism with
the facts here. George Noory sold propaganda for
the Neocons on 9/11, on the Iraq war, and on
vaccines - while refusing all calls from the
Patriot community - as such, he's is perfectly
fine with conning innocent Americans further to
die innocent victims, for his talentless cash
windfalls of given millions to keep You silent

JP Morgan Profits Off Privatized Food Stamp Debit Cards

MUST SEE - Rand Paul Wants To Cut $500 Billion
In Federal Spending In JUST One Year, Slams Aid
To Israel - ABC Subway Interview


Rand the ungodly,

the traitor, has CLEARLY, 'Slammed' no such thing.,
about stoping payments to AIPAC for mass murdering
innocent children to die with white phosphorus.
Or dropping expensive bombs on innocent souls.
He, like Alex Jones, wants to attack America's poor,
to escape those with Bush and Cheney who have
openly stolen trillions. TRILLIONS!!! He should
be tried the traitor he is in this public Court.
Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 police investigations,
and Rightards like Rand are united in EVIL to
sacrifice all America for their continuing TREASONS.
Rand the traitor, has CLEARLY, said no such thing
the Rightard liars insist, but continue his silent
contempt for the innocent mass murder victims that
American tax money is directly used for. To mass
murder defenseless innocent human beings by the
Satanic truce breakers of Nazi Israeli. That torture,
that thieve, that mass murder with American 'freedom'.
They steal innocent Peoples homes routinely.
Individuals Rand Paul calls anything else but
the war crime demon enemies of GOD they are.
Rand Paul is an evil twisted demon enemy of
Justice, God, and Life, trying to pull the
blanket over all America's head, for he believes
like Alex, we must all be made too weak to defend
ourselves from Zionist war criminals who break
truces. From Zionist banksters that claim we owe
them now more than ever before. With money
they NEVER lent anyone to begin with! NO SHIT.

FOXNEWS Forced To Apologize On Air After
[ridiculously] Faking Ron Paul CPAC 2011 Video

They are trying to paint the TRUE COMMIE con Ron
Paul as a malined good guy, when clearly Ron and
Rand is FOXSNEWS greatest friend, as they will
too, watch Christian children mass murdered by
Israeli truce breakers, and do nothing but work
to steal another election for the Rightard to
escape further Bush and Cheney and AIPAC with the
banksters. 9/11, the Iraq CRIMINAL con, torture,
trillions stolen, posionous vaccines, billions in
earmarks, and so on. COMMIE. These Rightard
Commie enemies of Creation is how the TV trained
facist Rightard balk, as those who refuse US to
truly defend America. Ron Paul has called for
NOT defending innocent mass murder victims of
terror, and as such, I call for his, along with
all standing election rigging gang rapist traitor
Republicans with the Demonrats, for needed public
trial on 9/11's Obstruction, and capital one mass
murder. He is a law man after all. A rightard
wars American values to escape the for sure real
bad guys. As is why Alex Jones and enemy of all
George Noory are committed to censoring our
voices for Justice realized.


URGENT: Stopforeclosurefraud.com shut down

Look at the advice that was given. The banks do
not have a legal position to STEAL American
homes, as verdicted by real American Judges. !!
Why? They, the banksters, do not cover our
loans, we do. Plus, they sold off the paper
years ago in many many circumstances, while still
pocketing billions in payments. Thus is why
Obama suckered Americans to let him 'help', by
signing up for his home program. Of which those
that did, were foreclosed on almost immediately.
Why no media? He suckered them to re-finance -
because their signatured agreements prior, gave
them the homes outright legally. HUGE CRIMINAL
FRAUD. The trillioniare Banksters still to this
day seeking payments, sold off the titles years
ago. Ho hum, hear our drums. The Rightard media
won't let US know for, it is forbidden knowledge,
this, 'the banksters do not cover our loans we
do' Christ mind like principle of mutual
understanding. Trillions. DO you care to
forward this info to another to allow them
also to freely consider?


Micheal Herzog has an incredible show on this
legal issue. Realize, this info is not what a
Rightard wills to give the American suckers.

then, along comes Johnny..

God's Will is always Just.

PURE SATANIC EVIL - Americans, know who your enemy is...


/ / U.S. officials say Hatim trained at an
al-Qaida terrorist camp \ \ Zero evidence.

As leader of the free world, I will demand the
identity of this Nazi(s), insist he be tried the
war criminal he is, and upon easy conviction we
will personally be responsible for his execution
as such. Any "American" who would disagree with
such an act of freedom, will be known by all as a
traitor to the good old, red white and blue. No
evidence against the accused is US being truly
abused. John for NEW! Coast to Coast radio

Dozens of Women Describe Hell Of Being Raped by The Nazi grunts in the
US Military

Let all men demand the execution of these bushite
nazi grunts, who rape American women while
claiming, no laws of God nor man can put it into
it's grave rightly, for the Antichrist of
Creation has deemed it "Lawless". I HATE
Bushite, as any real man would. Americans are
not men to remain neutral on this, as they do
regarding the treasons of Bush and Cheney.

Torture of the INNOCENT authorized under former President George W.

This is a war crime warranting death.

Rightards with Alex Jones and Obama, who advance
the criminal attack against America's elderly and
poor are the enemies of American liberty. As is
why they are committed to censorship to steal
from US all.

RIGHTARDS Claim Health Care Law Kills "800,000 Jobs"


/ / Its almost as if they are completely
transparent liars willing to change their
tune on a dime when it suits their interests,
even when it contradicts their own charges.

But that'd be silly. \ \

/ / Saying that people don't work extra jobs
just to keep healthcare is denying the truth. \ \

The Rightard dividers with Alex Jones, at RBN,
and so on, will try and con US all here, to
state, mediamatters is "left wing" - case closed,
because the greater minds that they can't freely
compete with, make the Rightard as dumb as they
are when the facts are in. When I first heard
the statement of 800,000.. I listened, then
could barely make sense of what was being said..
(and all consider myself the genius of geniuses.)
Then I thought it through, with the two minute
snipit offered as the Rightard's 'proof', and the
nearest thing I could figure, was that because
people will have better health care, they'd
likely, if ABLE to choose, would work less. (Not
exactly the CBO work ethic.) But the real reason
the bill is bad, is it rewards the Tea Bag
Rightard backers with trillions of public tax
dollars they'll never have earned, just like the
Banksters. Alex Jones with his partner in crime
Obama and enemy George Noory will not allow
Americans to discuss this with truly wiser folks
factually, unless we change to be better blokes.
Because we is sadly, currently, Supremely bigoted
Rightard assholes. Alex Jones don't got any
problem with rigging elections if it's for Ron
Paul or Rand, and his Cult would likely side the
same for tyranny, while they cowardly cry, to
help save ourselves from plunder, means top
secretly you die for their "New World Order".
Look at this one example:

'Afghan Government Cracks Down on Women’s Shelters'

We know the Rightard wills to not fight the true
globalist tyrannical TV powers of indifference to
women and children being raped in Afghanistan
by the dope pushing Nazi grunts, who claim it's
legal, because of their Antichrist Shariah. Where
the Taliban would kill the Satanic bushite Nazi
grunters without question, as demonic enemy
liars of God's Great Creation. Shariah is God's
will practiced fairly. Illiterates do not fair
well. But we all knew that already.

Wikileaks threatens action against ex-colleague of Assange

/ / Domscheit-Berg claims that he and the
programmer – who is known only as “The
Architect” – disconnected the submissions
section because they believed Mr Assange
could not be trusted to keep sources secret. \ \

Problem. As a true anonymous record keeper
there would be no records programmed for storage
by “The Architect”, and as for confidence, was it
the policy that only Assange has dictorial
overview over all Newspaper submissions making
inroads today, before we as anyone else does like
myself. NO. Second, are they alleging that Wiki
info of the most serious of war crimes; killing
respected journalists, or torturing honorable
American soldiers, along with women and children
kidnaped on official war crime orders by Satanic
Geoffrey Miller

"BOMBSHELLS: Bushite are using Satanic Rituals While Torturing the .."


and so on weren't allotted a fair public space
for airing?, and as so, why are they then, not
personally revealing what THEY know about the
facts of slight at hand? No no, they just want
US to forget about all this, and center the
coward Rightard's attention on their excuses to
teach the masses likewise to ignore, all Soldier
cries for Justice. This is dumber than Jared Lee
Loughner, where a Rightard cowers to the real
challenges of The People against, the censorship
of lawless tyranny. Censorship is the tool of
tyrants. Bush and Cheney are guilty of high
treason many times over here. If I go any farther
about Wiki this or Wiki that, I may take time off
my pursuit of Justice to truly save the innocent

The women and children that were mass murdered
were not all between the stipulated ages of 15-55.
The Nazi grunts were asked, 'why did you mow down
who you knew to only be "checked through", as
unarmed innocent women and children in the "many
thousands", just outside of Fallujah'? "It was not!"
evil war criminal they falsified as with Sattler,
for, 'that they may have been boys and men pretending
to be women', and all as such, could be first degree
mass murdered. Ahha! But all those defenseless
innocent women and children were not all between
15-55. Most of the children were toddlers and
infants. Bushite grunts deserve to die as the
war crime lying traitors they are, warring America
for the final escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11.

"BP's spilled oil is washing up in people"

Rand Paul: BP Should Not Be Held Responsible

Obama's Patriotic American Chamber of Commerce
Leader, Advoctates Offshoring of American Jobs

"people effected by offshoring should stop whining"

I can't believe Americans all as Rightards still
refuse as the enemy to forward my calls for the
truth to be spoken, but apparently, this is the
case that Sherlock would have walked off the set
for. They lie cheat and steal from themselves
willingly, if it means a wise man or woman won't
be allowed to speak freely on TV or their radios.
Pure godless Zionist Nazi filth to remain silent
against their Rightard tyrannizing, aimed now
directly against their forsaken neighbor being
'lawlessly' gang raped by KBR, while illegally
having their jobs and homes stolen in broad
daylight. Better that, than the "sand niggers",
or innocent Christian children from other
countries in the long run I suppose., See, in
other worlds, being Christian ACTUALLY means, you
believe in a God that is a greater love than what
Americans truly care for. As is why the American
Nazi grunts in Afghanistan sanction the first
degree murder of Peoples in Afghanistan for
simply believing in Christianity. So what DO
Rightard Americans care for then? Not much but
what they can get away to steal from others, so..
no wonder..

9/11 Doc of Docs.. "between the lies"

DVD image (4.1 GB)

This contains great evidence made by our Police
Agencies to get ourselves continuing on correctly
making the proper arrests on who tried to lead us
astray from our freedom path. Remember, this
documents a portion of the true 9/11 crew that
were for sure arrested, before being able to
dangerously fly two planes on the day of 9/11.
This is bombshell info demanding Public Police
Investigations being re-started on international
TV, so we as Humanity can arrest all Neocon
Peenacker Republicans, and the odd Demonrat, for
speedy public trials for the convictions of mass
murdering our American bretheren.

VIDEO - "Where Are The Wall Street Prosecutions!": Angry C-SPAN
Callers Sound Off On Criminal Banksters


/ / ..Egyptian army general told the BBC
the military was losing patience with the
embattled Mubarak, and would open fire
at regime loyalists if there were fresh
attacks on protesters... \ \ Yeah! Defend
the innocent of Egypt from these Rightard
pro-torture enemies of God who war Humanity
for lawless bankster tyrannies.

CHRIST SAYS 'Israeli are Anti-Jewish'

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed


Notice my friends, no mention of Nazi Israeli
killing Jews in Lebanon. NO MENTION. What kind
of evil Rightard would ignore that, while
attempting to claim ALL info giving by any
serving Grunt soldier trying to be honorable is a
fraud? all?!! to Michael at WRH?, and everyone
at GCN? and Republic Radio also?, I ask all our
Humanity? Who's conning who here? Evil is DUMB.

Be a man and forward this
to everyone.

AJ "You should fear big government"

"Big" is relative.

Jesse Ventura "Why are we letting them get away with this?"

Dumfuk Grunt "Duh, why are we here to kill good
people needlessly so the bushmob back home can
further rob our undefended families bro? Bro?"

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Understand: Iraq played no part in 911, yet, American
nazi grunts have indiscriminately bombed easily more
than a million innocent souls, while cheering "whore
yeah", for the demons of CNN who only smile over such
ungodly treachery. To torture, to rape, to thieve
from America, left undefended for further corporate


Bush and Cheney's Escape

"US Army sending hardcore neo-Nazi troops to Iraq and Afghanistan"
[now, 'policing' American streets for terror]

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
Bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure.

'active-duty Marine.. Norteno gang.. shoots two
random police officers killing one, FOXNEWS Hero'

Nazi Gangs in the U.S. Military

"Moral Waiver" Morality not required when raping
and mass murdering Afghans to push dope with Enron
escaping Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Die bushite die.

Bushite Nazi grunts GUILTY of Capital offenses
against AMERICANS, have been granted freedom from
prison to commit more crimes, as enlisting in the
Zionist's war against God and Civilization. Imagine,
Bushite Nazi grunts who are into murdering anyone to
steal our stuff, to torture, to bomb, recruited
from street gangs and the sowth's KKK, as the most
vile, evil, lowest of the lows deserving of death,
are becoming now, 'lawless' American terror officers
with their buds at KBR and Blackwater to rape and
murder more of Our undefended wives and children.
Sound "American" without questions? Apparently, yes.
Kill a Bushite to defend their next innocent mass
murder victims. Do it for children everywhere in
Afghanistan and Iraq, do it for Christ, do it for
God, do it for our dying America, do it for Yourself
to claim the right to be a man. Women, as you are.

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. And the Rightard will to have
life die this way, denying free talk on the
facts surrounding their ungodly evilness.
Making the escape for the Antichrist
enemy of God, Mr. George Walker Bush who
Closed 911 police investigations as naked
traitor like themselves, enemies of the
Republic who refuse to allow a just cause
speak as America's will for Freedom.


Bush team 'agreed plan to attack the
Taliban the day before September 11'

"if it refused to hand over Osama bin Laden"

For what? No evidence for anything was Condi's
"TOP SECRET" war crime plan to escape the Neocons
responsible for mass murder on 911. Understand,
[911 mass murder occured here] Pre-planned.

Look up the Taliban offering to hand over bin
Laden to Clinton and HE REFUSED! Refused for
more than 40 consecutive days!!! It's the inside
scoop on this crime against Humanity, without a
love for God or his greatly gifted Son, John the
Baptizer truly.

Ungodly Evil Israeli Zionists call for
Murder of Innocent God Loving Jewish Women

Being Jewish is a religion of Love for
God.. Compare pictures...

/ / War criminal Blackwater’s Prince building
mercenary force with apartheid-era ‘hit squad' \ \


Mr. Gaylard remarked on 1 February 2011,
"It is difficult to understand the reasoning"

Why? Because they are truly Satanic enemies
of God and Man. They break truces to kill
Jews for money. Rightards are evil stooges
who will deny these trues from being spoken
openly for dissemination. Like how freedom is
Justice, and torture warrants an immediate
death sentence against the Rightard grunters.

What's the crime of the taliban to
ask for evidence to form a conclusion?

/ / "There aren't even any Taliban in this
area," Taqwa said. "They were all working on
Mr. Khorasani's campaign." \ \Taliban=Student

This is another why I beg all real men to kill a
Bushite for America. These bushite enemies will
gang rape your American wife, and claim that FOX
still sells they are heroic for doing so without
question. Zionist Lawlessness is the enemy of
every last free man among US, and a Bushite LIAR
wars against a Just cause winning our Liberties,
as the dying loves of our INNOCENT families.

Child RAPE Condoned by Rumsfeld

Where are the Amerikan Rightards
as Silent on all this?

$285 billion defrauded from Americans


/ / The US military paid $285 billion over
three years to hundreds of military contractors
that defrauded the Pentagon \ \


GOP Get Government-Subsidized Health Care Today!
Still None for You.

They are dirty rotten Commies like Glenn Beck,
Alex Jones and traitor ungodly Zionist enemy Rand
Paul. Their will is to con Americans for death
as the Global Elitists, stealing further Justice
from our Humanity by denying the truth be spoken
in their Rightard tyrannies.


We have seen consistent cruel and
unusual punishment of Manning.

Man arrested over blog list of pro-war MPs

Remember: Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the demon Antichrist plus more. As
is why the death of Bushites is a blessing for
all concerned. They war as Rightards for terror
to torture, to thieve, and mass murder the
established innocent, as escaping those who truly
done did do US wrong. Bush and Cheney.

‘Damn right’ I personally ordered waterboarding: Bush

This warrants death under standing American War
Crimes Law ushered by Reagan. Kill all torturers
as a soldier to be true Patriot, instead of
raping women and children while pushing heroin
into American teens for life term prison
sentences as slave labour escaping Bush and
Cheney for 911 and so on.

FOXNEWS : Underwear Bomber. US Government Op

What the..


Rand Paul Calls Medicaid 'Intergenerational Welfare'

Yeah like traffic lights he means. So vile. How
could anyone buy this but cheats who will no free
exchange with the facts? Buying in bulk is
cheaper. All the while, the Banksters make off
with trillions, and the TV'ed sons and daughters
die as traitors for the escape of Bush and Cheney
- and Rand cares what where? He, like all
Rightard blind BIGOTS doesn't. But for who as
innocent victims, he can hurt further with it's
bigot minded labels of lies as cheaters. Again
understand, Rightards calls US names not because
they can defend their lies with open

Probe: Army was warned not to deploy WikiLeaks suspect

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

Read these two stories, and then rightly
demand death sentences against these
Republican traitors for the war crimes
of Iraq, and as, It is a war crime to
torture innocent Americans to death
to escape the for real bad guys. And a
soldier takes an Oath to defend God
and country, not commit war crimes for
the escape of Bush and the Neocons,
at the sacrifice of more teen soldiers
NEEDLESSLY. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of God and Man.

Torture Memos Admits Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

Judge Rules CIA [Cofer Black] Can Suppress
Information About Torture Tapes and Memos

No he can't, unless he's telling
US he too is a war criminal needing
a fair public death sentence.

The King of the Universe Asks

who in America supports the
escape of those responsible
for mass murdering Americans
on 9/11?

Why? We can't form a conclusion on
who done did do us wrong just yet
because, Bush and Cheney disallowed
the FBI from completing our task to
nab General Ahmad. It's called
"following probable cause".

For, who wills to continue forward blindly?

We have no real leadership. The Iraq war is not
as Ron Paul the COMMIE terms it a "Police action",
but an info crime against American teens to die
warring for tyranny.. NEEDLESSLY IRRATIONALLY
DYING. Do something right and save someone's

'Rand Paul Proposes $500B in Budget Cuts'
The banksters have stolen trillions.. WAKEUP

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Now, what cop in any right mind could blindly
support such furthering escape of those who have
truly done US all wrong like this answer me that.


Alex Jones "When a Rand Paul supporter (wasn't
it his Chief of Staff? - or is that his Hedge
fund manager they have as money pro now? which
ever) steps on a woman's head, it's like it's
the end of the world."

Alex Jones "I'm light-years ahead
of the general Public in knowledge"

Like Ayn Rand? or on bigotry? or
do you mean the theatre?

True COMMIE Rightards scoring corporate millions:
'Reading, like facts, are for the stupid people'

IDF DENIES disciplining top officers over
phosphorous used against children targeted

You know, when you say you blame the innocent
Jew, you serve the war criminal ungodly Zionist
enemy right?

USA makes it illegal to give aid to Gaza! In
"Holder vs. Humanitarian Law" While funding Nazi
Israel to main and murder the innocent loved by

This is so incredibly evil as ungodly war criminal.
Remember: the Jews of Lebanon were the first strike
targets, and Israeli prisons are filled with Jews
for refusing to commit a lawless act. Truly Satanic.

Rand 'give him a nuke?' Paul on
shooting: 'Weapons don't kill people'
..and on escaping the for sure bad guys
“Terrorists do not deserve the protections
of our Constitution” as OUR Constitution's
True Enemy.

AJ went on all day about the greatness of Ayn
Rand. I hate to break it to you Rightards, but
Ayn Rand is truly retarded, proven to be so, in
under, 45 seconds. As is why a favorite with 22
year old Anarchists who claim to be wiser than
all others of all time - 'why bother for you?
I'm greater than great as a loser's loser.,
reading, like facts, is for the stupid people.
All Government is bad, therefore, don't bother to
demand a care for the Public, as arrests of war
criminals who mass murder US citizens, or bank
rob, or break traffic signals'. See if AJ was
half honorable he'd just simply watch FRONTLINE
on the nonsense that is sold as HIS personal
Greenspan philosophy. FORBIDDEN: Greenspan is
actually the culprit who started this Bailout AJ
thing with, 'yeah, bail out hedge fund managers
with trillions of Public dollars' because, the
dying American suckers can't fathom this [THEIR
GOVERNMENT] arena without magic TV corporate 'no
loyalty' coverage. Of which Greenspan did
apologize to all Humanity televised for real,
as cause Greenspan actually explained on how he
was faulted in blindness against his sworn Oath.
We never did get back a penny stolen though
however.. Yet. Watch the FRONTLINE episode on this,
not present at their web-site, or sadly as such
that God would be joyed in tears, on the powerful
torrents used presently to watch other vids about
everything else but. Alex Jones massively sucks
here because he has never granted himself as US,
the Listeners, the honor of excepting that there
are greater minds everywhere. But this Ayn Rand
business is a dud known widely as reasoned
through to be so for more than two decades. So -
where has Alex Jones been then eh? Again, hate
me, love me, but I bring great things either way
that AJ doesn't will for the Public to have
freely. Ask yourself, are you worth it?
Overall, I think so. Or would you rather die in
tyranny, than look the fool in the presence of a
man as great as pie?

Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast radio Host
- Vote Early and Vote Often.

Ron Paul "You can't count on Congress or the Courts to save
don't tell us, from Hhis congress or the courts Right.

Americans refuse to humble themselves to wise men
or women speaking, because we make them out to be
what they truly are. Moronic imbeciles.

How did OUR government lie US, The People to Lawless War?


Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.


Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine


Because Bush and Cheney closed official 911
Police investigations, we will go nowhere until,
we arrest the demons for obstruction, to get back
to following probable cause to arrest the actual
bad guys. Starting with Ahmad for funding the
op, and then going to the Taliban claiming, no
evidence will be brought against the accused.
So, the FBI as acknowledged; they have no
evidence linking bin Laden to 911 to form an
actual warrant. PD51, W199i and so on, were/ARE
threats against real cops talking about this, or
moving forward with formal arrests of those
responsible for mass murdering Americans.
Bushite Nazi Grunter who wants 'limited
government' to escape himself from gang rape,
torture and murder of AMERICAN WOMEN states, "I
don't care... Ron Paul 2012! He rigged his last
election with Alex's Globalist NWO, so maybe
they'll rig it the smae this time, escaping the
crooks by refusing all calls for Liberty.

More than Twenty Cities Rally for Bradley Manning

At Least 2,043 Innocent People Randomly
Bombed in Pakistan by child torturer
Mr. "CIA" Cofer Black from 9/11 fame.

Johnny's GoodGodMan

Obama’s Liberty Problem - Indefinite Detention

It's called kidnapping. Serious criminal
offense. What?

Matt Taibbi on Wall Street's Weeps and Whines

Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ by Enemy CIA

Innocent American Children Tortured to Death

Hoekstra Receives CIA’s Good Nazi Award

The Bushite claim as our enemy that the
truth hurts their cause of robbing Humanity.


'Assange with Israeli officials, ensured
that all such documents were removed'

Assange hasn't released the info that he has as
protection, but the NYT did. So why would
Assange take precident over everyone else at the
NYT who decided what wouldn't be allowed by their
judgement? That the Leaker could almost just as
easily leak somewhere else? [Iraq war has no
cause] The evil Rightards claim they wants the
juicy stuff, for all things else, are nothing
new.. [don't look at the curtain] Most
specifically, Not Evil Nazi grunts killing little
kids called Heroes by corporate News America, or
that Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 investigations.
30 Gang raping Republicans deserving of Public
Death sentences of course is mentioned once on
his entire site, as excused/able apparently of
those still freely walking our streets, and that
should say a whole lot to everyone, considering
the amount of Libertarian good for nothings
contribute for the Nazi Rightard cause, of no
Justice for You.

Britain 'will act on torture intelligence' Magna who?

Death sentences all around. These unlawful
Politicians are claiming a right to torture
innocent victims to escape those who do US truly
wrong. Death for torture is the war crimes law
excepted by all free nations. There are no
excuses than are not defeated by free
communications. Every man woman and child of
Earth will need to hunt every last pro-torturer
for easy war crimes death sentences. KSM has
nothing to do with 9/11. (Or as, the 'Public
Option' means you don't give away our innocent
lives for nothing, but to a talentless American
Rightard who refuses the facts to witness.) Alex
Jones sucks man, he really truly does, as is why
he can not allow open free debate for America on
near anything he claims in obscenity to own the
truth about without natural doubt to consider,
as all those who disagree on anything he has ever
said since early childhood are cointellpro he
claims sadomastically as pure Pope Evil. To err
is godlike Human. He is bad news going on how we
all so much hate all ourselves blindly he claimed
again last week as an insult to everyone personally
I took it. Just who the hell does he take You for
silenced on Justice eh? Rightards are near all the
same, siding as hypno mugger victims for liars,
cheats, or thieves, who can't compete honestly in
fair polite debate, as otherwise WE would win back
our stolen lives. Justice is Freedom, and Like
anyOne would, I HATE 'lawless' Bushite nazi
zionist scum responsible for escaping those
truly guilty of 9/11 and 7/7 as starters.

All legislation is a form
of Socialism, and This State
is God, what of it goofus?

Study: Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed

Revealed: Chamber lobbied against 9/11 health
bill to save foreign dictatorships on their taxes

Why would the Rightard criticize Wikki, but not
demand a death sentence against the Nazi grunts
who gunned down the journalist for reporting
facts, and the two little kids? Kids the Nazi
murders for claiming, it was the parent's fault
for bringing the children into this world? It is
a joy and a blessing for all when the godless
unlawful Bushite Nazi grunter dies rightly,
instead of the innocent, such as Yourself, who
the American Rightard Zionist takes no position
to defend. Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
investigations. Know your enemy who refuses this
truth be told friend. Wakey wakey.

a real Jew concerned.

Chair of US House Foreign Affairs Committee: I am a Zionist
(and Americans are now those terrible innocent Palestinians)

Banksters Selling Foreclosed Homes Without Obtaining Title

bankster bonuses despite taking billions in bailout

Gates: Public Opinion Can’t Stop Afghan War

NATO fighter jets launched bombs and missiles
850 separate missions in Afghanistan this November

The viedo clearly shows grunts killing two little
kids, and then boasting, it was the parent's
fault for bringing life into this world. Say no

HUFFPOST SUPER USER "Call me whatever you want,
but I have NO SYMPATHY for PFC Manning. As a
soldier, he knew his actions were illegal under
the UCMJ." He hasn't been found anything, and
this cover-up on murdering Journalists for
reporting facts, limited hang, smells like crap.
But see how truly evil the corporate "Liberal"
establishment is to play pretend they is
something other than ugly and mean to the
honorable and clean? Bastards Limbaugh, Hannity,
and O'Really are evil good for nothing war crooks
deserving of Public trial for their naked
treasons of getting American GI teens dead for
continuing the tyranny of lawlessness, sure, but
who again, what of it? Rightards pretending to be
"Liberals" are still Rightards no matter which
way you look.

True you Fool


/ / OH THE HORROR.... To those who say I lied
about what Tenent FREELY confesses
(60Minutes-Tenet-2.wmv) LISTEN in horror at what
America is truly led blindly into hell with
STILL.. \ \ crooksandliars pulled the recording!
In it Tenant tells of the bushmob knowing in July
2001 bin Laden was going to get blamed for a
strike big in America from a cave in Afghanistan!
Then later, (not mentioned) in AUGUST! Powell
went over there himself personally, and gave the
Taliban 47 million dollars as a bonus. Swear to
God true. NOT HIDDEN. Look it up. I mean it
made almost all the major dailies. See? This is
what Alex fears, that wise men, actual wise men,
like myself, can put this stuff together in
seconds by freely communicating for open
challenge on error, of what would take others
committed to dying through censorship for blind
fear, never in a lifetime spared. Who cares

To All Men

"Anytime someone in your line gets hit by an
IED...you kill every motherfucker in the street,"

Instead, do what is right, kill the
'lawless' Bushite enemy for Christ.

It has been confirmed that Lebanon assisted Israel
in picking out the Jewish communities as first
strike targets. SEE!! NO MENTION... Why do we
see this all over the Rightard American disinfo
parlayers? Because they are fundamentally
cowards, who as refusing to humble themselves to
those greatly wiser with words such as myself,
will to hurt the established innocent to escape
the bad guys they take it up the ass for as
antigay faggots, picking on innocent poor people,
or innocent old people, US in need of health
care, or as Wiki, a soapbox open for all soldiers
to be men instead of mass murdering ourselves
indiscriminately. Bush and Cheney closed 911
police investigations. Assange could be the
Antichrist Pope, it wouldn't change the facts
that have been brought forward as documented.
Like Bushite enemy of EVERYONE Geoffrey Miller,
giving guidelines on how to treat innocent
Peoples randomly kidnapped. But a Rightard
hypnotized victim states to hypnotize YOU TOO
going, 'it's all nothing new', or, shamefully
Mike at WRH ‘it’s all a fraud’, or 'Assange is
someone a real Patriot like me shouldn't defend
because he could be with the genius evil minders
who control our every whim just like Alex Jones
sells' [evil is dumb], or as many Rightard's
stress, 'it's important for Americans not to
defend ANY innocent persons, why take the risk?'

Bush should go free cause he has more rights than
America.. Right? No Justice gives you tyranny
guaranteed. Why not go after the Republican
gang rapists instead? Is it because they are on
the Rightard's team? Like Alex Jones sells?

/ / The important question is who controls and
oversees the selection, distribution and editing
of released documents to the broader public? \ \

THE NEW YORK TIMES for one. And SEE? If you
charge Assange, well, that means the New York
Times is as just as 'guilty' for the judgment on
who is ultimately responsible for South Ossetia,
Israeli war crimes, and American war crimes of
killing children, school teachers, or journalists
for reporting facts, and these Rightards just
refuse to say so as a man such as myself.
Whoring for escape of ungodly evil into this
world as documented.

Special Comment: Blackmail, Bullies


Bigger tax breaks for the trillioniare thieves!,
as hedge fund brokers of savings funds having not
"earned" anything of the trillions "lost" into
their personal private accounts as it was

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay


/ / Washington will no longer seek an Israeli
settlement freeze \ \

'Go on, steal as you were going to no matter
what any innocent Human victim might have had
to say - steal from Christians and Muslims,
and Jews too you ungodly evil torturing
war crime thieves of Satan - wink - Palin


On the Tea Bagger Enemy Chopping Block:
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Alex Jones to Rand Paul "Your victory is our victory."

No it's not Rightards. Rand Paul is there
to escape those who stole the cash, then
blame the old and poor to receive his sadist
brunt. Nevermind the Banksters, Republican
rapists, and AIPAC war criminals, as the TSA
goons not following probable cause to defend
our taken as given rights. What about Bush
and Cheney fucks? These two evil bastards just
don't care enough for US victims to complain,
but for your kind donations to have their
furthering successes at your continuing
downfalls silenced chump. They war American
Patriots with their claimed ignorance as
censorship to refuse ourselves a just cause
to defend. Iraq. They will to hurt innocent
Americans, because they both freely admit
to have the corrupted minds of bigots,
when talking on the Bill of Rights, Economics,
Health care, banking, traffic lights, and so
on. Rightards. Evil doer rightards who refuse
Americans, all Americans Liberty. Justice
is Freedom, but a Rightard wants to blame
everyone as the bad big government, not the
little Bush bitch demon leaches, who falsely
as war criminals believe they will escape
hiding ourselves as honorable on this.
We want these AIPAC terrorists arrested for
accessories to mass murder of our innocent
selves, along with Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11.

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve

Revealed: Commie Rand Paul reverses on core
campaign pledge before even taking office

Corporate Amerika refuses to correct ourselves.

Mr. Bush the War Criminal Antichrist
"we don't need any evidence"

The Peoples
"yeah, we do."

CIA admits faking bin Laden confession video

Thus, it means bin Laden had no complaints known
to make. Why does CNN and FOX think America not
news worthy to have America die innocent victims
suckered escaping those truly guilty of mass
murder instead I ask everyone?

Example: Forbidden NWO knowledge,
Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441.

The Public Option

Americans mass murder millions of defenseless
innocent human beings for war mongers Bush and
Cheney without TV complaint for their criminal
deceit. Can't even raise a phone to concern
themselves with any innocent American becoming
more gang rape CRIME victims for the glories of
the demon Antichrist minions of ungodly
lawlessness, who openly push heroin onto American
school children. Zionist pro-torture minions of
Satan that will eat them alive if they continue
to be silent for the interests of their innocent
neighbor. Demon George Norry claims with AJ that
he will go ballistic against any teen soldier
that refuses a criminal order, while they both
blame Globalists, not Bush for closing 911 Police
Investigations, or Truly conning Americans to die
without cause still in Iraq. NO CAUSE. Instead, I
suggest, happy George Noory be tried by every
last American still breathing, and once found
guilty, formally executed for his naked sedition.
Or would You rather die innocent victim yourself?,
all so words of Justice will not be heard for all
to know, just how incredible wisdom is as the
enlightened that is forbidden by every American
Rightard Bigot censor out there that refuses free
dialogue: No evidence against the accused is US
being truly abused. Kill a Bushite to save their
next innocent victims, the Son of Man States as a
fact without contention. An "American" soldier will
no longer get away as a treasonous war criminal who
holds it's oath to defend God and Country in contempt
with it's Nazi censorship. Like Zionists they of
course do not really believe in these glories of
God and Man, but Country neither? Paleeze.. people
making less than 20k will get a tax hike to die
victim by Tea Bagger Rite. All for Banksters who
never covered the loan. We did. Time for Change
we can believe in. Do yourself and God and favor
by forwarding this to all who should care for
our dying futures. I demand our voices heard
fairly for freedom. My Word as my Oath is to
God that is Greater than an American bigot can
articulate,or would care to read. We are being
badly ruled by Zionists who will to kill the
innocent ourselves before the truth is spoken
of their treasonous war crimes against the
America I claim. We demand our voices heard
fairly for freedom. Thanks in advance.

'Under "the Deal" people making less than 20k would see their taxes go
up'? HolyFff..


Elias Murr, the defence minister has been
caught red-handed conspiring with the United
States of America to facilitate an Israeli
invasion in 2008. (Condi dropped 7 million
landmines on 140+ towns)

Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Tax Dollars Fund Child Sex Slavery in

Pro-Obama/Bush AJ/Rightards/Micheal Rivero[?]
"It's all a fraud" - whew! easyeasyeasy

911 Lies

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

Nazi Israeli Guns Down an Innocent Unknown

"Iyad As’ad Shelbaya, a known Hamas leader,"

But he is not. I never ever heard of him, nor
has the entire Internet since yesterday. And,
what was the charge he personally was guilty of,
that they needed to be so reciprocal against a
concentration death camp? Listen: When Satanic
Nazi Israel broke the truce with Humanity and
burned our children alive as targeted on purpose,
while murdering at least (their numbers) 239 of
our Police Officers trying to defend the
community, they would contact member's of Hamas
at their homes to let them know when they would
be striking, so they could leave to a safe place
avoiding the conflict. Remember: Hamas is
funded by Nazi Israel OPENLY, to cause division
among the illiterate hordes, while executing
innocent Palestinians for something only a
Zionist could conclude falsely as warranting. A
liar, a murderer. The trouble we have with these
Zionist demons, is your TV Rightard mind will
refuse to except this as Gospel. Even if I give
you the press reports of resigned Officers
confessing to just as much, or show their Nazi
prisons filled with honest Israelis, imprisoned
for simply refusing to commit a criminal offense
against an innocent other. It is an ungodly
"law" in Israel to agree to steal a Christ like
Home and their possessions, or go to jail, do not
pass go. God calls it Satanic, I call it
Satanic, Moses does not approve with Abraham, but
you, little you, swimming in doubt, go where on
TV there? In this turmoil of challenging eternal
confusion, your expected to forget to care for
those Christian children targeted on purpose by
ungodly Nazi Israeli, ON PURPOSE, who as SATANIC,
started the conflict by breaking the Truce with
an action they titled "Cast Lead", casting the
direct first degree mass murder leads, against
children they willfully gathered, and then set on
fire. Can you hear us now? Or! those 239
Police Officers that uruknet has photos of, if
you can bare to look at this great sorrow brought
against ourselves by escaping super evil Zionist
war criminals hidden by the scope of the magic
'all seeing' TV box of corporate degenerates
selling our, bartered in their name glorious
wonders. To know: This is the "hidden" Satanic
works of AIPAC, and their diabolical control over
the American soul terrorizing through national
syndication, the willful silence against these
un-addressed continuing war crimes in our dying
names as the less thans. Christ says no more.
No more. Support our rise to popular acclaim in
my name of John Simpleton I do say. The truth
must will over the lies of the bad guys who hide
in the darkness to pretend they are our friends
on equal terms. While they rob US blind a Life
and Home. U.S.S. Liberty. Please support
Justice for our says, and make your rightful
claim, in this frame. (hint: this is big.)

Hey! People! Don't Be Evil.

"Not Guilty. The Israeli Captain who Emptied
his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl"

Remember, it thought our girl was ten years old
before pulling the American paid for trigger.

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

DNA - Hitler was Jewish?!?!?!?

SEE? Zionist Nazis.

"Israel's new army chief led Gaza war"

The guy who encouraged Christian children to
gather into the city center, then burned them
alive for Satan, is now the boss of American
grunters on how to further murder more innocent
peoples for "Jews"?

SA Hospital Admits Israeli Organ Trafficking

Ground Zero Islamic center’s funding leads to CFR

Not a Muslim in the bunch.

Soldier Killed for refusing to Torture the Innocent

/ / she had been "reprimanded" for showing
"empathy" for the [innocent] prisoners
[randomly kidnapped] \ \

I would order all soldiers to arrest try and
execute these Nazi grunts for America, as
America. Nazi Bushite Grunts deserve to die to
defend their next innocent victims says Christ.
And we would know. Again torture warrants death
everytime according to President Reagan. Kill
the bushite as a Man in this God forsaken world.

WikiLeaks exposes US cover-up of Georgian attack on South Ossetia

American contractors are raping Afghan children - WikiLeaks

Secret Manipulation of Climate Talks - WikiLeaks

Chomsky - Leaks Show 'Profound Hate Of Democracy'

The bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.

Obama Administration Worked With Republicans To
Kill WAR CRIME Bush Torture Conviction, WikiLeaks

Why can't Interpol be ordered to arrest Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 immediately?
(that's not we about inter polled as who again
then?) Like those 30 Republicans for gang raping
American women?

Assange 'Rape' Accuser Worked With CIA-Tied Group


Olbermann's piece on the Repuglicon Tea Bagger's
multi-Billioniare 'small business' tax plan.

Americans are Godless

Can't be bothered to raise their phones for care
of the millions mass murdered, or tortured by the
Nazi Bushite grunts, nor, forward these words of
Liberty by Just causes. Rather You die innocent
victim, before themselves as Zionist 'lawless'
Evil doers for Satan.

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

The bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.


"What God is this?"

Nearly 59 million Americans lack health
insurance, of which pay more than double what
Canadians do for universal. Why? So the
intolerant Rightard Alex Jones party of liars and
thieves can rob you further. As is why Alex
Jones wills to not let the facts be spoken.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

When a Bushite dies, real Angels sing in praise,
that another Nazi grunter is rightly dead and
buried, before harming another innocent child, or
gang raping another American Woman as proud
"Republican" godless enemies of everything.
Christ says forever of the Antichrist's minions,
"Die Bushite die." And rightly so, they are war
criminals who run death squads against all
Sunnis, against all Shiites, against Bathists,
against anyone who was in Baghdad when as
Occupiers, they would drop 38,000 pound bombs on
neighborhoods because they claimed, a terrorist
"suspect" might have be at that general location.
Murdering tens of thousands with a single strike
- strikes they made in the tens of thousands on
just the first day of the carnage. They bombed
cities like Samara for NO REASON but to mass
murder - no reason, just for kicks, that
naturally did get many surviving Iraqis finally
angry enough to kill the Bushites enemies
themselves. Killing Bushite rapists and
torturers, bombers and thieves for GOD is a
pleasure for all concerned. Remember: in WWII a
Grunt would be executed for "looting" under the
"Rules of Engagement" Why? Because we know
still, what a Nazi is. Allawi. The Third
Infantry headed by a Saudi, A SAUDI!, (Buford
Blount) have thieving expeditions didn't you
know? Where they kick down your door, and murder
members of your family, just to see what you have
to steal. Shawn Hannity, Propagandist traitor
for the escape of the Peenacker Neocons on 911,
calls them Heroes (like the Hadditha child
murderers), while real Christian Muslim Jews call
them worthy public trial for formal executions as
the sworn Antichrist enemies to everyone forever.
The Iraq war has no cause. Ergo, no excuse
anywhere, but as traitors warring to kill
America. MY America. 1441. Millions of Peoples
were indiscriminately mass murdered. They stole
all our money, American too. (ex. 20 billion a
year for air conditioners - do the math) They
tortured, raped, and mass murdered children
deliberately claiming no laws in this universe
can hold them accountable in league with Satan.
It's true, 'the Devil is in the details', but so
is God. Die bushite die.

Rightard Rand Paul, Extremely Evil Nazi Enemy

/ / Rand seems to be living up to his
billing. I hope he stays that way. \ \

Rand Paul, the ungodly evil son of a bitch,
claims more crap from his filthy foul mouth,
while Alex Jones claims him his Patriot all in
hopes to escape Bush and Cheney for 9/11 and
Iraq. Along with NATO stealing near every last
military expenditure to rape women and children
pushing heroin. Rand, Ron and Alex are
continuing their attack against the poor and
disabled in America. Did you hear Alex with his
Rightard friend the other day talk about how they
will steal America to destroy all social programs
to give further to the market? to escape the
Banksters from long prison sentences for treason?
It was near the most nakedly evil show AJ has
ever done. Alex Jones is a con willing to kill
the innocent of America as a sicko, mentally
deranged., who claims you censorship, are as all
as stupid as he states without questions. Alex
Jones is a true Commie Pinko. Bush and Cheney
closed 9/11 police investigations.

We demand open communications to speak the
facts. We all could be Heroes.

Commie AJ 'Republicans are Constitutionalists'

Banksters do not cover our loans. Iraq is a war
crime scene, while 911 is yet to be investigated
by the Law. Torture is illegal, like rape, and
extortion. The smarter Public option of Ron Paul
and fiends, but not for the common folk who pay
twice as more to get nothing as claimed is..
tricky. The Congress men are too stupid to serve
the American Public's interest there BUT they are
smart enough to do it for themselves privately.
Sounds exactly like Commie Pinkoism. Only the
Elites of the Elites, namely all of every last
Republican and Ron Paul, get what they put in as
the smarter players in all this, while You, yes
you, as the American sucker, you get left paying
for their denials of fair coverage. Commie
Pinkoism plain and simple. [Explained better two
pages down somewhere..]

Israel has put 200,000 Innocents
before criminal military tribunals


Bushite Nazi Grunter “There’s no doubt that there
were insurgents there, and there may well have
been an insurgent leader in the house, but that
doesn’t justify executing eight children who were
all enrolled in local schools,”

No doubt what? That the Term Taliban means
Student in Arabic? And that a leader of 10 year
old Taliban are called school teachers in the
western world? Again, it was bushite who figured
it had an 'excuse' to murder some innocent
children. Someone over there should look into
it, for these enemies of Life, are Satanic
enemies of Christ. They'll gang rape American
females, and Americans will "vote" for more of
it, without near anyone phoning George Noory, the
demon enemy, and complaining about his lack of
care, or respect for Americans falling further
victims with his laughter and chuckles. Bush and
Cheney closed 911 Police investigations. He
doesn't care to see any American die for his
continuing stolen riches, but, do You?

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges who should
be in our prisons awaiting a death sentence for
high treason?

/ / He claims Its of the devil, Islam that is.
“when Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the
Quran” Immortal Technique. \ \

All Words are of God. These Tea Bagger Zombie
type "Christians" are in league with Satan.
Anything to demonize the innocent in God with
their lies, as cheating Humanity as Creation to
steal our Rights for the final escape of Mr.
Bush - as warring for closing all minds wherever
on concluding something with the facts left not
given with official Police Investigations, of
which all were halted with threat of FALSE
ARREST! W199i, PD51. and so on..

30 Republican Senators Sanction KBR Gang Rape

47 American Sexual Assault Victims of KBR and counting...

Republican/KBR “Gang-Rape” Cover-Up Rises to the Surface

This is war. Repuglicons and Demonrats are
poisoning ourselves due our failures to

Truth about Israel's last war

again, as God
states, Satanically evil in it's affront to all
our Humanity.

Lieberman who advocates incarcerating Americans
indefinitely without trial tells internet
universe to 'relax' about 'kill switch'

Yeah, but he doesn't support the arrest of the
911 conspirators to judge, so what cause is he
serving to stop free speech from winning over the
murderous cheats?

What is consistent with AIPAC? They are demon
liars who cheat us the respect we have for
innocent life.

Republicans just can't stand freedom of speech.

No evidence against an accused is US
being truly abused.


NRO's 9/11 'mock' plane crash set for 9:32am, drill included a smoke

George W. Bush Confronted on 9/11

Revealed: Texas officials covered up
radioactive tap water for years

Texans! Demand arrests, and maybe death

The Bushite Rightards

The Nazi "US" Bushite military has leveled
hundreds of innocent Peoples homes as terror



This is to state, they KNOW it is a crime.
Obama on Leno "It was all perfectly legal."

The FBI Stole Our Computers!
We Need Your Information Back!

/ / The Justice Department's inspector general,
slammed the FBI's post 9/11 "terrorism
investigations" \ \

Answers on pro-effective war plans here:

"Stand Together or Don't"

Don't be an American asshole. Forward
this to everyone. Thanks.

All is Glorious truly, but people can't see it
to be so being greater.

"US says it may kill Americans abroad"

That would be murder, and no you may not.

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Life. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom, contempt for
God. Once nearer a civilized Humanity we were
living for freedom, and now, all suffering with
God for more than a thousand years, due these
Zionist Nazi illiterate war crime savages,
pirating our fire power.

Again, Nazi grunts were sent to die by Sattler in
Nov 2004, to indiscriminately slaughter every
single innocent person in Fallujah amassing well
more than 250,000 people at that time recorded.
Innocent Peoples they had for months refused to
negotiate with to catch Zarqawi, or allow US, the
Peoples access to food or water - refusing all to
leave before dropping nine two thousand pound
bombs of radio-active toxic waste, then, sending
in the grunts to mop it all up. (40 dead marines
right off the hop, and since..? who cares
right?) A small few of women numbering in the
hundred it was reported the Nazi grunts allowed
to leave, that they would have otherwised, left
for raped then murdered with the likes of war
partner KBR. For, the small group of Women and
children they claimed were minus the ten year old
boys they Stated would target for MURDER shortly,
they did slaughter just up the road away from the
Zionist TV cameras with the argument, that we may
have been males between 10 and 55 wearing women's
clothing - that escaped 'public' scrutiny. So,
they sent attack helicopters on that road to mow
down every single last women and child that had
been searched earlier on for weapons, money,
jewelry, or food. Thus is why all of Creation
Rightly have Bushite Publicly Tried for every
last living second they steal in our good names,
as any real man of God and country would war for
rightly far and wide. Rightards don't want a free
to be society, they, like tell US every moment
without TV challenge, that their enemies are not
that demon liar George Norry for the propaganda
and threats against soldiers who would dare refuse
criminal orders, no, blame the 'Liberals' for
depleted uranium, or the 'Socialists' for the war
crimes, the nannies, the elderly, and Mexican
toddlers along with Peacenicks, while the war
criminals all, Bush and Obama especially included
along with AIPAC, walk free as not worth the time
to disclose as patently proven un-American Criminals.,
no no, just 'Puppets', so, don't you bother your time
to complain about their personal get-aways for high
treason along with trillions in bankster's fees
on loans they never even ever cover to BEGIN WITH
suckers. No. Blame anyone and everything like
the American rightard BIGOT NWO Intolerants do,
before the actual criminals guilty of mass murder
or naked extortion. See how the Anti-Gay Faggot
Republicans are found as the worst of men. Why?
They claim they could fall "Gay" at the drop of
mens trousers.

Firefighters Reveal Huge Explosions

Bushite Nazi Grunt Enemies Pushing Heroin

INTO AMERICANS. Teens. Life term prison
sentences to those who get addicted as third
strike felonies, but not death to the grunts
displayed in this video, that FOXNEWS Tea Bagger
parasites will claim are Patriots. Like
themselves. Patriot's to what? Satan? You got
it. Liar evil enemies of Life in the Universe to
not champion Justice for American murder victims
on 9/11, and so on. Claiming "FUNDAMENTALISTS"
are not "FUNDAMENTALISTS" who disagree with
selling heroin to drown Americans down the river?
(Again a Shrine to the Taliban right on Ground
Zero, right on it, will be the victory of Christ
in Justice. ) Do you care to still refuse to
forward this to someone else, that would care
just as much about our dying futures here as
Yourself. Or no.. you'd rather see freedom lose
wouldn't you.

Generation.RX.2008.DVDRip - "Will we surrender,
or will we fight these medical dictates?, will we
embrace the truth, or succumb to the lies?"


"Intelligence Chief"


/ / Obama’s pick for intelligence chief thought
Bush was right about WMDs in Iraq \ \

How is this not sabotage? A mind that for
criminal gains, or being dumb to the facts of
reality, is going to now, head up as,
"Intelligence Chief" of these entire United
States? of who's America?

People Need People


/ / Obama Argues His [murder innocent AMERICANS]
Assassination Program is a "State Secret" \ \

This is one of those supremely evil moments where
the war criminal can not hide from anyone, and it
hopes, The Peoples will just all go, whatever, or
just can't be. Don't do that.

Don't except anything else but a free to be we society.

"Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By
Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney"

/ / Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to
die, but I believe they did have to die. The
danger was inaction could have resulted in the
death of a great many more Americans than 4,000.
And that's the reason I'm still delighted that we
did what we did." \ \ Saddam was doing whatever
was asked plus more - whatdidtheywantbutnotaskfor

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Law. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom. Once nearer a
civilized Humanity we were living for freedom,
and now, all suffering with God for more than a
thousand years, due these Zionist Nazi illiterate
savages, pirating our fire power. Innoculating
THEMSELVES blindly with posions that make US all
even dumber. George Walker Bush is evil
personified as the war criminal of the worst
order, ever. As Humanity it must all be our
fault, for I felt I could easily help everyone to
be more Human than all we've been left as on TV
since 911 happened on our watch. One thing is
for sure: Lawless wars for ungodly tyranny by
slavery sucks for everybody. Justice is a must
if we are to ever claim Victory here again.

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

They were being told "not to interfere in
incidents in which Afghan forces were having sex
with children." Bushite grunts raping kids, and
what does the American man have to say? too
cowardly to speak for the interests of innocent
victims? No to Women's Rights is what these
bushites war unjustly our Humanity to rape as
thieves further, officially pushing heroin, and
executing individuals simply becasue they are
Christians. Do something good, and kill an
unlawful Bushite enemy for Afghanistan, for
America, and for Christ. Die bushite war
criminal nazi fuks die.


PBS - NOW - Oil Royalties

No Royalties!

Obama Calls Ahmadinejad's 9/11 Comments Hateful, Inexcusable

What? huh? Who's he trying to con here? America?
but he's the President.. HuhHh, trying to con
himself with all US watching looks like..

Tea Bagger Rand Paul "we allow people to be un-civilized"

Why are rightards so dumb ass evil eh?


Iran Calls for UN Investigation Into 9/11

9/11 Coincidences


Mayor, ex-city manager among 8 arrested in scandal

It CAN be done see?

Justice For 9/11

If we can truly ever defend everyone fairly, it
will be here and now. Or, later. Whatever.


"Jewish" Society?

“I am in favor of a Jewish-Zionist State. I
defend what has been rightfully mine for ages. I
would even slaughter, not only abuse, the Arab
[Christians]” and the real Jews too

See? As a true Christian Jew Muslim dude, I
recognize these threats against innocent God
loving Peoples, are of the Satanically evil, just
as the Holy Bible describes. Who is a Jewish
Messiah? A murderous thief?, or a lover of
Justice as fair living?

From Mohamed’s 'must read' book, Genesis (very quiet drum roles..)

001:011 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb
yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his
kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

See? That's as true today, as the day is night
someplace, and.. See? It's like a doorway into
imaginations of incredible possibilities man..
I'm just saying.. Legalize Pot! Or
decriminalize, what ever it takes.

"Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING scientists -- ILLEGAL TO

It only has to do with a threat to all American
life, and CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS doesn't believe
it's newsworthy, do You?

Top Priority

Top priority. Justice for 911 Victims. Paper
ballots for fair elections on fixing to vote for
a public education on 'banking scams'. Us, and
them who hide and pretend who's all paying for
this there is something not publicly defined.
Because they are taking us for Rooked! Banksters
don't cover our loans. Checkmate.

Top Al-Qaeda leader killed.... For the third time

See? A bushite LIAR, lies to mass murder
innocent defenseless families. Our families.
Never to speak of Bush and Cheney's escape for
halting our Police Services to complete our tasks
of victory over the terrorists of 911 at hand.

John Cornyn

Who could ever vote for this pro-rapist in a
democracy where the votes weren't rigged I ask

Cornyn defends Israel's right to kill innocent Americans

Remember, this demon enemy also supports gang
raping American women with FOX. And American men
don't care enough to murmur a concern, let alone
demand his head for treason. Again, all American
women, you need to find a real man like me who
will stand in defense of all that is right, as
all that is beautiful. Bushites deserve to die
for their treasonous crimes of mass murder and
torture against the targeted innocent done to
escape TRAITOR Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Bushite
are enemies of our Humanity, and God.

"The U.S. state of Mississippi recently reopened all of its fishing


[they pay NO royalties toooooooooooooo]

Tea Bagger 'Yeah but, they's harder to
pick on than helpless welfare mothers.'


(The IDF and Bushite Grunters are working
together now for war games did you hear?)

"6000 Veterans Commited Suicide Last Year"

“Christians” carrying placards and yelling ”Islam is a lie”

Is it about Christ being a prophet, or that thing
about Mother Mary? Or, is it the Justice for all
idea, that has the Zionist ungodly Bushite
Antichrist disciples of pure Nazi evil all in a
row? God is the Word. All words are containing
the unbound infinite of imagination to ponder as
scientifically provable. "Atheists" fear US
speaking freely because I am wiser.

"Cornyn: NYC mosque will be an election issue"

Oh right, not his Republican pro raping American
women as demon traitor to God and America Nazi
con though. What a demon enemy to all living
things eh?

Understand, those who have STOLEN trillions from
Social Security support the illiterate Tea Bagger

Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it? The bushite enemy at
Guantanamo, have insisted, that our Jury must be
war criminals

DOJ Gags Scientists Studying BP Disaster


"Feds confiscate independent LSU scientists’
samples because project not approved by BP"


Office of Special Plans

Those in need of arresting for naked evil treason.

Study: CIA doctors ‘gave green light to torture'

This warrants death according to the Patriots
like President Reagan. War Crimes Act. Death,
and rightly so. They war innocent Humanity with
demon Zionist lies all for the CRIMINAL escape of
those that TRULY do US wrong as the for real bad

/ / Audit shows 95% of the funds for rebuilding
Iraq 2007-2009 is MISSING and 100% from the years
2004-2007 is unaccounted for \ \

Obama "Nothing will be gained by
laying blame for the past."



TV America - Where The People Don't Count

Oh for Pete's sake.. Republicans give themselves
"Socialized" Canadian like, "Socialist" Health
care, but not for the suckers who pay more for
less to die as losers to the commie con men
absent my logic. If this system is good enough
for Obama and the Repuglicons and Ron Paul, why
isn't it good enough for blinded as lost in
indifference American dumfuks? Good question.
2011-03-21 20:15:02 UTC
Post by Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan
Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan
Christ was a Jew. He didn't establish Christianity, his followers did.

<Snipped 5000 lines of bullshit>
In Hamptonburgh, NY
In the original Orange County. Est. 1683
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2011-03-22 02:21:27 UTC
Post by willshak
Post by Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan
Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan
Christ was a Jew. He didn't establish Christianity, his followers did.
and there is NO historical record showing he ever existed. 8^) Oh and
peter and paul were roman shills.
2011-03-22 02:43:06 UTC
Post by Schiffner
Post by willshak
Post by Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan
Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan
Christ was a Jew. He didn't establish Christianity, his followers did.
and there is NO historical record showing he ever existed. 8^) Oh and
peter and paul were roman shills.
Just responding to the OP assertions.
I believe that Christ may have existed on his time, just as the many
evangelists appearing on TV today exist.
Whether or not he was the son of God (whose existence is also a matter
of conjecture), or could perform miracles ( or illusions, like David
Blaine) is another story.
In Hamptonburgh, NY
In the original Orange County. Est. 1683
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Justice Done is Freedom Won
2017-01-06 17:41:55 UTC

An Open Letter to the Crown Prosecutors of Canada - The Oath of Crowns "pursue Justice where ever it leads.."

Mass Murderers Allowed To Walk Free in Winnipeg - please save innocent lives - warn others

My mother was murdered right in front of me, as thousands of others are in Winnipeg.. The Satanically ruled as unlawful police department with the Mayor and newspaper, refuse to allow any investigations - if the murders are against the poor, and happen at the Health Sciences Center, 4th floor. This war crime in Winnipeg has been running for at least seven years.. and they so far escape, because you can't find the humanity within, to legitimately care for our innocent lives forsaken.. more and more of our poor will be first degree murdered this way until we fairly do something about it. Get the archive of evidence, off a link at my home page.. Please.. how can I beg you to find a concern for
civilization? This un-elected program of mass murder is widespread across America too don't you know? They deprive the patient the medicines they need, while instead poisoning the victim to stop them from breathing.. Please, be human.. please. Warn others.. save innocent lives..

The only power they have, is our indecision to do right for another.

Evidence file on the continuing mass murders
in Winnipeg by the complicit lawless Police

They are mass murdering the poor in Winnipeg today..

I demand a criminal investigation begin immediately, regarding the first degree murder of my mother, Jennie Kinal, murdered she was, by Dr. Colister and Dr. Chisic, at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center. Deprived care, while poisoned to die, in an unelected mass murder program against the poor titled, "Comfort Care". The Winnipeg Police Department refuses to allow Homicide look at the case, as they do routinely, regarding all other victims denied the defense of our Laws in Canada apposing murder.

Evidence on the continuing mass
murders in Winnipeg by the complicit Police

I explain in detail, with recordings of me speaking with the
police, and the Chief Medical Examiner.. The city refuses to
allow me to submit a complaint of murder. Trouble yourself to
listen. Lives are still being stolen, simply for being poor.
Winnipeg Police state unlawfully, under no circumstances will
they allow a complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded
to homicide - for those of Winnipeg who are chosen, AGAINST
OUR WILL, to be first degree murdered, at the Winnipeg Health
Sciences Center. My mother was denied her needed medicines,
while punched out and suffocated. All evidence is freely
available. She nor I, did we will her to die murder victim..
We went to the hospital for help.. If others had warned
us, we wouldn't have sacrificed our lives to these mass
murderers. The Winnipeg police, as recorded several times,
OFFICIALLY claim they are to be left unaccountable as lawless.
There are many other victims here, denied our rules of law.

like anyone else would

Please support a criminal investigation on the recent
murder of Jennie Kinal in Winnipeg. The city forbids
all police agencies from enforcing OUR law against
premeditated murder.. at the Health Sciences Center
4th floor - "Comfort Care" ..mass murder in fact.
Being civilized, is naturally progressing in understanding.
All the prophets will justice as fair say here.. as too,
the astute Atheist. Willing to be free of tyranny.

The only power they have, is our indecision to do right for another.

The poor are clearly being mass murdered in Winnipeg Canada.. and we the People can't yet find the true care to demand Justice in our better names..

Who's with you? I am..
Let's do this thing..


"Making allegations of murder you can't prove" - Nonsense.. The recording of the Chief Medical Examiner is all you need listen to. It's like 4 megabytes.. and may give you two minutes of trouble to locate.. Or god, just simply read the post.. There is no fraudulent allegations your supposing in blind faith.. while I have the recordings of the doctor stating no poisons would be given, while as recorded, he ordered the nurse secretly to do so.. Only possible in a conspiracy, as she could not have performed the murderous act with me in the room..

Winnipeg Police state unlawfully, under no circumstances will they allow a complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded to homicide - for those of Winnipeg who are chosen, AGAINST OUR WILL, to be first degree murdered, at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center. My mother was denied her needed medicines, while punched out and suffocated. All evidence is freely available. She nor I, did we will her to die murder victim as suicided.. We went to the hospital for help.. If others had warned us, we wouldn't have sacrificed our lives to these mass murderers. The Winnipeg police, as recorded several times, OFFICIALLY claim they are to be left unaccountable as lawless. There are many other victims
here, denied our rules of law.

like anyone else would

Monica "You don't think there are clauses in Obamacare that do the same??? There ABSOLUTELY ARE"
You have it right.. and even more so... They don't need the death panel idea, instead they just just outright first degree murder. For all autopsies TO DETERMINE CAUSE OF DEATH are banned in Canada, for those who die victim this way.. While Police headquarters refuse to take all complaints against Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center, 4th floor. I couldn't believe that the newspapers too, were so, a part of these continuing crimes - willing injustice as the most UNGODLY evil to witness yourself, the silence of contempt for our lives as loved families.. For truly, if any think freely here, there is no phony doubt for lame defense on this, (NO TOXICOLOGY AUTOPSIES EVER?)as found the newspaper is,
an accessory to the continuing first degree mass murder. Get the archive of me speaking to numerous people telling just that.. including the head of pathology, and the Chief Medical Examiner.. How do they get away? They know the demonic newspaper and magic TV are playing along to con us all. I was told the day before yesterday, of a father coming into the hospital, for a minor issue.. and when his son came back from coffee.. 15 minutes later.. he was notified of the death minutes prior. He has nothing for evidence, but doesn't believe for a second what he was told. No TOXICOLOGY autopsies are ever allowed, unless ordered by the Chief, who say no every time, with the lamest excuse that
doesn't hold a drop of water.. ..While police too, will not allow any homicide investigators to be made aware.. All these things and more can be found in the evidence archive.. But too, peoples can just simply investigate for themselves, by picking up a phone.. and calling everybody..

As publicly available recordings, seven separate times. Under no circumstances will the city 'police' allow a complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded to homicide - regarding the continuing mass murder of the poor.. Many victims. I learned of yet more murder just yesterday..

Terribly, my mother was recently murdered right in front of me for being poor, at Winnipeg's Health Science Center, 4th floor. Against her will, she was denied medical aid, beaten, and poisoned to die by suffocation.. Under an un-elected murder/suicide program titled, "Comfort Care".. Recorded video and audio evidence of the crimes freely available with link provided below.. I am begging Humanity for help.. please be human..

This concern was emailed to all city of Winnipeg councilors along with the Mayor, and many provincial MPs.Including the WRHA, and the two Colleges. Including the local papers. Think now of this time going by already my friends, where innocent people are still not being defended from being murdered by the clear enemies of everyone willing freedom from tyranny.. We need a formal criminal investigation to start immediately. They have so far, for many weeks, refused to do so, in contempt of God and mankind. Warn others, save lives.

The Winnipeg police are made complicit in the
continuing mass murders of the poor in our city.

They deprive the patient the medicines they need, while poisoning the victim to stop them from breathing.. Please, be human.. please. Warn others.. save innocent lives..

We all need to ask ourselves, why the news media
doesn't think it prudent to defend our innocent lives
from murder in Syria as well.In all these months I've
begged them to help save our lives, the Free Press as
dishonorably to all human beings, has refused to warn
the public of how we are lawlessly taken against our
will to be murdered. Is this contempt for our innocent
lives held by all? I wouldn't think so, nor would any
that held an ounce of our humanity in the balance.

To whom this concerns.

All I demand is my rights defended, and the criminal
investigation get underway, on the recent murder of
my mother, at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center. But
the city and Police refuse to allow Justice to take
place, as clearly treasonous. Turns out, they are now
suspect for mass murdering a great many for seven years
hidden here from newspaper and TV view willfully.. No
longer.. Justice done is freedom won.

What is this world to not express a concern for innocent life
sacrificed? A world truly dying from self contempt. All I ask,
is for we the people to demand a formal criminal investigation,
Justice, of which the Winnipeg Police refuse to allow. Please,
support fair say, as the enforcement of our laws apposing mass
murder. Let us be civilized.

Remember.. Dr. Colister told my mother and I,
that he would not poison my mom with Devil's
Breath or anything else, then did so secretly
with fellow murderer, conspirator Nurse Colette.
I caught them at that, as too, when they attempted
murder in early February. Support a Public Inquest.

Mass Murdering the Poor
in Winnipeg Health Sciences Center
- Police Refusing to Investigate is Criminal

They refuse to make the arrests of those guilty
of premeditated mass murder, refusing all
investigations to transpire, as the most demonic
evil ever witnessed. Listen to the cops laugh in
our faces, to think they would allow OUR laws
be enforced.

The Winnipeg police are complicit in the
continuing mass murders of the poor in our city.

AUDIO of Chief Medical Examiner of Manitoba
TheTruth - (eleven megabyte audio file)

(tiny 4 meg file of police claiming no investigations allowed.)

My mother and I, did not sign up for Comfort Care,


My mother Jennie Kinal and I, were not asked if we
willed to have her end her life in the Winnipeg Health
Sciences Center, by them placing my mother in "Comfort
Care" - depriving her medicines, while poisoned to die.


Open Letter to Canada’s Governor General of Canada,
His Excellency, the Right Honorable David Johnson.

Hello. My name Is John Kinal, and I am a citizen of Canada living in Winnipeg. Terribly, my mother was recently murdered right in front of me at Winnipeg's Health Science Center. Against her will, she was denied medical aid, and poisoned to die under an un-elected murder/suicide program titled, "Comfort Care". The moment the hospital told me they were poisoning her to die, because she was at "end of life" I demanded they stop immediately - that the allegation was obviously false.. Her doctor for that week, known as “Dr. T” (something like, Tazarasing) , agreed, and ordered the nurses stop poisoning Jennie Kinal. The head Nurse told AS RECORDED, that Nurse Delaney decided to disobey the
doctor, and went ahead suffocating my mother, with an overdose of hydromorphone, along with an overdose of a diuretic. My mother was pronounced dead the next day from the lie she had, “multiple organ failure”. I was capable of reviving her from her poisoning, and I ran to the police, and spoke with the college of physicians and surgeons, begging to save my mother from these then caught, attempting first degree murder. The College's spokesperson Irene McDonald told, that they can not get involved in any criminal allegations, and that the police must be called in, while the police, told eventually, they never had one minute to give the allegation of attempted murder, because Mike at the
Winnipeg Police's, Public Safety Building tells, they never allow capital crime investigations to happen at a hospital, because the doctor is always right, when it goes to court. RECORDED. I went to the police a total of seven times, trying to seek a defender of the criminal code of Canada's opposition to murder.. Never happened, but for laughs in my face, that my mother being tortured, being punched in the face by the nurse, was not something they would EVER get involved with. My mother was finally murdered right in front of me 30 days later, by Dr. Colister with Fentanyl and “Devil’s Breathe” in a conspiracy with Nurse Collette.. AS RECORDED..

This is an abbreviated synopsis, with all the evidence recorded, of the most serious of crimes. The day my mother was finally done in, her doctor from the week before, Dr. Semus, told me as recorded, that the first time they tried to have her murdered, had been expunged from her medical record. Despite my many hours of video recorded, documented the event with several nurses, and doctors.. And my recorded visits to the police.

The Winnipeg Police are complicit in the continuing murders of the poor in our city.

All I ask, is a criminal investigation of my allegations be sought. I have several talks with nurses recorded.. One where nurse Charlene tells, of no one ever escaping their death sentences in seven years, given against our wills, on the hellish, 4th floor, Health Sciences Center.. Thousands of victims, who’s sin, seems to be, being poor. Please, don’t forsaken the value of my innocent mother’s life, Jennie Kinal. Demand a criminal investigation.. as the Chief Medical Examiner for our province tells me, he is forbidden to look at patients medical records. RECORDED. Refusing to allow an autopsy too, or to ask my mother’s doctor if she had ordered the stopping of the poisoning.. He is found
complicit, by simply listening to the recorded phone calls yourself, or as a crime scene investigator.. I beg the Queen to intervene, to demand a fair measuring on this continuing crime scene.

Contact me at your earliest opportunity, with any further follow up questions.. so we can get started on freeing ourselves of this dreadful tyranny, that apposes God and our Humanity. What I request, as a sovereign citizen, is my Right, a preliminary criminal investigation regarding this alleged murder scene, that will easily find these murderers in serious violations, of many laws designed to defend our liberties..

I too, wish this wasn’t so.. The evidence speaks for ourselves..


An Open Letter to Winnipeg's Mayor Brian Bowman:
Under no circumstances will the city allow a
complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded
to homicide regarding the mass murdering of the poor..

This was emailed to all city of Winnipeg councilors
along with the Mayor, and many provincial MPs.
Including the WRHA, and the two Colleges.
Including the local papers. Think now of this
time going by already, where innocent people are
still not being defended from being murdered by
the clear enemies of being fair as we free of
their ungodly tyranny. We need a formal criminal
investigation to start immediately.


To All Concerned..

An Open Letter to Winnipeg's Mayor Brian Bowman

After talking with the RCMP, I am told that our honorable
Mayor, has the right to ask for a preliminary criminal
investigation, as to whether our laws have been broken,
in respect to my recently murdered mother. Denied health
care, while poisoned to die against her will and my own as
wilful first degree murder. Understand it isn't that any
officer of law in Winnipeg, has in anyway disagreed with
this fair assessment - documented with evidenced video,
and audio recordings included..But to blindly deny all
rights to be defended, because Mike, at the front desk of
the PSB states".. a judge always sides with the Doctor
on criminal matters" - as the reason he gives for why all
are forbidden to be defended by Law equally. He refuses
to allow me file a formal complaint repeatedly. The
recordings with Manitoba's Chief Medical Examiner,
suggest there could be thousands of victims here.. The
Chief apparently can't tell precisely, claiming, he too is
forbidden from reviewing the provably doctored medical
records, of all those alleged murdered, denied
formal investigating.

I, John Kinal, am available for any questions or interview.


Winnipeg Police state unlawfully, under no circumstances will
they allow a complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded
to homicide - for those of Winnipeg who are chosen, AGAINST
OUR WILL, to be first degree murdered, at the Winnipeg Health
Sciences Center.

The Winnipeg police are complicit in the
continuing murders of the poor in our city.

I am begging Humanity for help.. please be human..

My mother Jennie Kinal was taken against her will and my own, and put into the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center mass murder program titled, "Comfort Care". Where my mother's medications as effective health treatment, was denied, while being poisoned with agents that suffocate and paralyze. We were told we could not leave, or stop them from poisoning her. When asked on March 8th, whether my mother could receive some help with her newly acquired chest infection - I had suggested penicillin or maybe a antibiotic.. Dr. Chisic told me as recorded, "we don't do that here in Comfort Care" SHE KNOWS she is committing murder with Dr. Colister, by denying my mother the care she deserves, while being

Jennie Kinal was finally murdered at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center by Dr. Collister and Nurse Collette. Earlier in the day that they committed this murder, my mother and I meet with Dr. Collister, that I have recorded - of Dr. Collister, talking to me and my mother, of how he wants to give my mother 'Devil's Breath'.. (the worst thing imaginable - as it stops the lungs from expelling phlegm.) I say no, because it will only exacerbate her newly acquired chest infection. He can only agree.. and ends our conversation stating, no new poisons will be prescribed.. (as too we received promise from Dr. Chisic) But Dr. Collister, the murderer, arranges with Nurse Collette to give 'devil's
breath', mixed with her fentanyl when I am absent the room.. of which my mother soon succumbs during the next shift, at the cruel hands of night Nurse, Charlene. Who when I briefly rushed home, thinking she was someone I could trust, she phones me to tell, my mother will "not be walking out the front doors". And no, she will not revive.. "We don't do that here."


My mother Jennie Kinal and I, were not asked if we
willed to have her end her life in the Winnipeg Health
Sciences Center, by them placing my mother in "Comfort
Care" - depriving her medicines, while poisoned to die.

Did not sign anything to agree to 'Comfort Care'.

Justice done is freedom won.

Who cares for Winnipeg murder victims?

THE CITY REFUSES TO ALLOW A COMPLAINT OF MURDER MADE - My mother Jennie Kinal and I, were not asked if we willed to have her end her life in the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center, by them placing my mother in "Comfort Care" - depriving her medicines, while poisoned to die. Did not sign anything to agree to 'Comfort Care'. All Winnipeg police officers clearly wouldn't support this wicked criminality continuing, but they are not made aware, as the complaints are not allowed to be filed. LISTEN TO THE COPS TELL ME SO AS RECORDED. We can't remain silenced on this matter of our families being first degree murdered at the lawless hospitals. It's justice for us or further we go bust. All invites for
friendship welcomed.. Murderers Allowed To Walk Free in Winnipeg - Police forbidden to investigate.. WE DID NOT SIGN TO DIE UNDER COMFORT CARE. HOSPITAL REFUSED TO STOP END OF LIFE MEDS. JENNIE KINAL PRONOUNCED DEAD FROM ORGAN FAILURE. RECOVERED HER TO FIND NO ORGAN FAILURE.. TORTURED FOR 33 MORE DAYS UNTIL DEAD FROM DEVIL'S BREATH. Allow the truth to prevail.. Are you not human? Warn innocent people of these crimes.. save lives..

Did not sign anything to agree to 'Comfort Care'.


Mass Murderers Allowed To Walk Free in Winnipeg



"No one goes into palliative care without signing documents."

John Kinal - Never signed anything. And it's the medical doctor who
ordered my mother no longer be poisoned.. but my mom was according to
the medical record, and the head nurse.. and two other nurses.. all
to attempt cover of the fact, she never had 'multiple organ failure'.

"Who never signed nothing? And how did your Mom end up at the hospital?
I take it they didn't kidnap her too? Who poisoned your Mom? Again those
are allegations of wrong doing. Multiple organ failure would be a cause
of death, not something anyone could live with."

John Kinal - That's right. That's why it is so clearly, attempted
murder on Feb 2nd when it was alleged, she had "multiple organ
failure" .But lived for more than 30 days longer.. While the police
refused to investigate, while the College of physicians are forbidden
to involve themselves in criminal matters. The audio recordings are
available.. They are murdering the poor, under "Comfort Care".. My
mother entered the hospital in hopes to be helped with her thyroid
condition, that had cause swelling in her legs.. Instead they pumped
steroids and other things into her veins non-stop, which caused tremors
from the minute after giving her health card information.. then kept
near a coma, doped with Fentanyl 80X more powerful than morphine, and
hydromorphone to seriously hamper breathing,. to her subsequent murder
on March 8th with "Devil's Breath".


Listen: People of the world.. In Winnipeg, if a
capital offense occurs at a hospital.. the College
of Physicians and Surgeons can not get involved, and
the concern needs to be forwarded to police.. while
the police in Winnipeg state, they never allow officers
to investigate capital crimes that occur in hospital..
Recording available. THAT'S A BIG PROBLEM. For everybody.
We, the People have to face this fair. Don't fear
standing on principle.. This is really a serious
matter, of murder going unpunished. We all need to
defend ourselves fair.. Who do the Winnipeg Police
Department think they work here for? It is we the
people of Winnipeg.. The Winnipeg police department
is complicit, as an accessory to mass murder by
refusing to enforce our laws. Minimally,
obstructionists. That Law against murder we must
enforce. They get a fair say, before conviction can
be gained.. We love all honorable cops.. as they are
of us, willing freedom. The freedom to not be
murdered. Fair say all the way means cops win too,
hip hip hooray!


"Here's a list of grief counselors who can help you.."

Things are true for us to find too. Without needing a
reflex reaction, to hear of such foolishness.. as the
cause for why Winnipegger's are cheated to die victims..
denied Justice.. denied equal protection under the laws
of Canada.. it is for you friend.. a sad day to reflect
on our TRUE circumstance.. as measured correct, 100%.
Facts are facts.. and no one can thwart our fair
measure being human. Freedom is Justice.

All the evidence is made publicly available my friend.
Read the facts for yourself to be horrified. Recording at
the police desk, telling no.. they will not allow any
investigations.. no matter what. It's like a death cult.
And yeah.. it is rather terrifying to learn, I tell the
truth. Cops of course are good on general terms, but they
have to obey the rules too. The truth is better than the
lies, while further innocent lives are lost due our
inaction in further silence. Why this happens is
difficult to talk on, as it is a part, speculative.
The whole branch of medicine, called "death meds", or,
'end of life' medications, if you ask me, is extremely
faulted in error. However, it is for really happening
across North America too. Medicines to stop breathing,
or to spread infections, are clearly poison to the
thinking man or woman.. In Winnipeg the patient and
family have no rights defended whatsoever. We need
to demand a public inquest.. as so, the facts are
brought to the attention of everyone being civilized.

An Open Letter to the Crown Prosecutors of Canada

The Oath of Crowns "pursue Justice where ever it leads.."

My mother, Jennie Kinal, was first degree murdered at the
Winnipeg Health Sciences Center on March 8, 2016. There was
also an attempt made on Jennie Kinal's life on February 2 and
3 2016. All documented as proven easily. When contacting the
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, and speaking
with the investigative Community's spokesperson Irene Mcdonald
regarding the attempt at murder incident, whereas I forwarded
the Committee the evidence.. Irene advised me that such a
criminal allegation was something they can not as ever
investigate.. and that the complaint needed to be brought
to the attention of the Winnipeg police.. Of which I did, in
total five times. The fifth time, on April 29 2016, Mike at
the desk told me, that under no circumstances do they allow
any officer of law to investigate capital crimes that occur
at hospitals, due the Doctor always being correct.. Recording
available. They didn't tell me of their willingness to BLINDLY
be, accessories to mass murder of Canadians until then. When
I first brought the indisputable evidence of the attempt at
murder, they did not tell me then, they would have all
honorable police officers denied my pleas for mercy, or
warn me that they would not be defending my mother's life
left held in jeopardy, no matter what the facts were.
Instead it was told that someone would look at it repeatedly.
Of which at no time did they phone anyone to clarify an
understanding. To simply validate the claim, only took one
phone call to Dr. T, of which they refused to do. Caring
not for the well being of my mother, a Canadian citizen
who was attempted to be murdered, upon my repeated requests
for the police to protect.. Nor did they at any time talk
to me, about how they found the facts lacking, or hard to
grasp. The evidence of the attempted murder is a solid as
it comes.. While the murder consists of Dr. Collister
telling my mother and myself, that his suggestion of
"Devil's Breath" and another drug to mix with Jennie's
Fentanyl, that "doesn't cross the blood brain barrier"
would NOT instead be administered, due my wise words
explaining why such action will bring about only harm
to my mother, with a contagious chest infection just
acquired the day before. Of which he does not disagree
with as recorded. Why? As I state, to hamper my mother's
ability to expel phlegm will do her no good obviously.
Not knowing then what "Devil's Breath" was as deadly,
and completely inappropriate obviously. But then as
documented fully, Dr. Collister goes ahead secretly in
a conspiracy with Nurse Colette to administer just such
a poison when I am not present, gone for coffee. Again,
recorded as administered by the day nurse, the night
nurse Charlene shows me the order herself, again, as
recorded. Once administered, Jennie becomes paralyzed,
then shortly in hours dies. A woman diagnosed with mild
back pain the entire two weeks prior by Dr. Semus..
A woman ready to go home as diagnosed by Dr. Necozy
the two weeks prior to that. But diagnosed by Dr.
Collister as having no more than 14 days to live.. on
February 2.. and on March 7. [NO COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT]
He failed at murder, then to cover his attempt, a month
later, went ahead and tried again.. Dr. Semus informed
me, that the hospital removed the entire February
incident from the books. The incident recorded as
transpiring by three doctors, three nurses, including
the head nurse of which I speak with for near a hour on
the matter as recorded as well. There have been no
investigations on Dr. Collister's actions for near a
decade as clearly being among psychopaths. For the
Winnipeg Police to forbid Justice, because they believe
in something of a death cult, that costs a great many
innocent lives needs to be brought to the Public's
attention, and halted immediately. Accessory to murder
in not what OUR police are for. Many more lives are
still threatened by this mass murder program called,
"Comfort Care" - an unelected death sentence given to
thousands of Manitobans with families who have complained
of "similar incidents" of murder, according to my private
discussions with a provincial employee familiar with the
numbers. I have heard from three acquaintances in my
personal life, that claim near identical scenario. 'No
choice, your loved one will now be denied needed medicines,
while given poisons to hamper breathing', and so on..
This needs a public inquest, or a truth commission to
uncover this unholy nightmare. Let's do right by saving
innocent lives, not hide to see further needlessly die
victims to our cowardice of being professionals. This
is very much an issue that involves aboriginals and the
poor most especially, not only the elderly, but the
young as well.

Please, I beg you with everything I am.. save innocent lives..
Forward this information. It is life and death. Care for those
of our society you are not absent from my friends or foes.

Shortened synopsis..

I wad told Jennie had multiple organ
failure, and was on end of life medication.
I said bullshit, she was great just hours
ago.. The head Doctor, Dr. T, called a halt
to the death meds.. Telling Nurses, if
Jennie experiences any discomfort, I am
to be phoned to okay the death meds once
more.. I am phoned for such action the next
day, arrive in under 7 minutes, to find
my mother pronounced clinically dead by
RN Delaney, due organ failure.. I revive
my mom to discover, she has no organ
failure.. Being doped everyday under
Forward this information to everyone who
loves their mother.. The Police most
especially. They have been caught attempting
first degree murder of made helpless innocent
old folks at Winnipeg's Health Sciences

Suggestions to the RCMP on how to conduct criminal
investigations regarding the murder of Jennie Kinal,
that happened on March 8, 2016, at Winnipeg's Health
Sciences Center, 4H.

There are two major crime scene involved in this matter..
There was the attempt at murder made on February 2,2016,
and the murder that took place on March 8, 2016.

On February 2, 2016 I was told my mother was to die
from total organ failure.. So as a consequence, she
was then being given an opiate, Hydromorphone, non-stop,
until she dies. Which will be no more than 14 days. A
poison the doctor tells, limits my mother's breathing
too, to treat "shortness".. of which only hours earlier,
through to several weeks prior, she had no problem with
as perfect.. So an opiate to trick the body into well
being, while limiting one from breathing. Knowing too,
this "shortness" concept, being chemically treated, is
not quantified correctly. Short what? At first I tell
the Nurse to stop immediately this clear madness. No
she claims, "don't be cruel". A tactic used that had
no effect, for I was not blind to the circumstance.
As many others would be, not having the time to stay
with their loved one everyday, or being astute in reason.
I state this position to her intelligently, that my
mother doesn't need to be hampered in her breathing,
and is suffering in no pain.. and so, she calls me to
talk to another nurse, who claims again "don't be cruel".
I know then as now, these people are not mindfully of a
fair measure. I then quickly go to speak with Dr. T..
my mother's doctor that week.. Claiming my mother was
fine only hours earlier.. We were talking about going
home on video.. When did this organ failure occur I ask?
Dr. T. then calls a halt to the poisoning.. without
answer. (I learn later the next day, this was the first
time in the history of their operation - where all under
this order have been put to death without exception.)
Dr. T tells the nurses, that Jennie Kinal will no
longer receive Hydromorphone, unless she is found
expressing some discomfort in pain..If she is, I am
to be phoned at home to come to witness such a
circumstance. I stay with my mother over the next
few hours, where her breathing becomes closer to normal.
The next day, nurse Delaney calls me at home to okay
the death medication.. I happened to be already on my
way.. and arrive in approximately seven minutes.. to
see my mother appear poisoned with a diuretic , and
pronounced clinically dead by Delaney. Who then
encourages me to stop talking to Jennie, "She's had
multiple organ failure" "her kidneys gave out" "she
can not hear you", "she can not speak with you", "see
can not see you".. I continue talking to my mother..
while Delaney again goes off with "just remember all
the good times you had" and in several minutes, my
mother begins to revive.. She can not barely breath
due the poison, that takes 10 hours to leave her, as
her breathing recovers near back to normal. As on video..
without any pain. When my mother started to revive..
Delaney left to not be seen again.. save for the day
my mother dies. No action on her part to investigate
how such a thing could have happened.. I remain with
my mother for near 24 hours.. To then call everyone
officially that can help save my mother's life as
still threatened by these psychopaths. So witness
yourself..up until the murder on March 8, 2016.
she had had no "multiple organ failure".

Now to substantiate this with the facts that matter through a preliminary criminal investigation..

First thing: contact Dr. T and state, we of the RCMP,
are just doing a preliminary investigation is respect
to the late Jennie Kinal.. who died on March 8, 2016..
But our attention right now has to do with an event
that started on Feb 2, 2016.. In where we are trying
to establish whether an order to stop Hydromorphone
was given to the attending nurses responsible for
Jennie Kinal's care? Now, if Dr. T is truthful.. of
which I suspect she will be.. she will claim yes. So,
that means that Delaney gave my mother a medication
against the Doctors order, that left her almost dead,
gasping for air for ten hours. In the recording
titled, 'back from the dead', 24 hours after I
raised my mother from her early grave, the head
nurse confirms, the last time Hydromorphone was
given, was 24 hours earlier. An attempt at murder,
for it shows, she did not have total organ failure -
surviving she did, for more than a month after. Now
get this: Dr. Semus informed me this whole incident
was made absent the medical record. But say Dr.
T states that no.. such an order didn't happen?
Well again, the head nurse confirms that the
reason I was called by Delaney was to okay the
death medication that had been forbidden.

How does this look? My mother was sentenced to die
murder victim with lies. And under every circumstance
prior.. this process had never before been stopped.
So Dr T. did the right thing.. working for Justice..
suspecting perhaps she did.. just when was this
determination made of total organ failure occur? If
Johnny had been there almost every hour, every day?
Established too, of the recording of suspect nurse
2.. who tried to insist I get my mother back on the
Hydromorphone, because of her "multiple organ failure".
The head nurse discusses her talk with suspect nurse
2, in where she tells.. we must never allow someone to
stop the process again. Now, get this.. When I
complained about them trying to murder my mother?
there was no investigations done by anyone.. for
there is zero accountability.. No complaints
department. While the college of Physicians and
Surgeons.. upon hearing of this disorder.. recommended
the police needed to investigate.. because the College
never gets involved in clearly criminal behavior.
The Winnipeg police took no action! no phone calls to
the Physicians and Surgeons.. no calls to Dr. T.. to
anyone.. including me to help them through reasonably..
They must have been lost, but refused to ask someone
for directions. Despite me going over there four times..
According to my source in government, thousands of
victim families have been denied Justice, stretching
over at least, seven years. Please.. be honorable. Do
you job and defend our lives.. This is a issue
involving all Canadians, and travelers through our
forsaken city. Why do they do it? We can only
speculate. They are very sadistic.. Delaney got
off punching my 83 year old mother in the eye just
before the attempt at murder.. Ask her about it..
They would abuse my mother, to spite me.. I would
go out for a quick coffee, and come back where
someone felt it necessary to throw her about in
the bed horrifically. I know why there, but that's
another story.. Like the young girl, and the young
man.. and the lies they were told of how they could
get out any day, if they just continue to cooperate..
Nobody has ever left Comfort Care in 4H. Not one
person. So was told to me by two nurses.. one there
for more than seven years. As recorded. And all those
that work there know it. No accountability breeds
success for the contemptuous. There are many other
stories I can tell of these sadistic enemies of
Life and God. But nobody seems to care to save
innocent lives being mass murdered. How come
chums? Let's all get started on this.. Everyone.
Please. What if it was your mom? Forward this
information. please.. let's save some innocent lives.

God wills Justice, while others do not. Ask any Prophet.

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God wills Justice, while others do not.

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